80 points at least to get invited for 189 Visa

Sour news for international students and Australian permanent residency aspirants, that one needs to score 80 points on skill select to get invited to apply for 189-visas, latest invitation round results indicated. Subclass 189 is a skill independent visa that allows remaining in Australia permanently and later on apply for Australian citizenship. 189 is the only point tested visa for which applicant do not need any sponsorship or nomination by any state, local government as well as an employer.

Invitation round took place on 11 April produced only 110 invitations as an outcome for 189 and 489 visas combined, released by Home Affairs department revealed. This shows a dramatic decrease in invitation places. Now, it indicates it’s really hard to get permanent residency for applicants through most popular occupations such as IT, Accounting, and Engineering. The point scores and dates of effect cut off for the popular pro rata occupation has minimum 90 point score for the invitation for Accountants and 85 for Auditors, Company Secretaries, and Corporate Treasurers.

As the 11 April 2019 invitation round suggests, Electronics Engineer, Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers, and Other Engineering Professionals need 80 minimum points to get invited to apply for permanent residency in Australia. ICT Business and System Analysts need 85 points and Software and Applications Programmers and Computer Network need 80 points minimum to be on the list of invited for 189 visa application.

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80 points at least to get invited for 189 Visa - NepaliPage
Data and Graph: Department of Home Affairs

Those who claimed their migration points 80 on their expression of interest for the skilled independent visa through Skill select still can keep there hope to get invited later this year, maybe next financial year. If you belong to one of the occupations among Accountants, Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers you need to work and plan really hard and find every single possible way to get migration points. The latest invitation round result would be a heartbroken indication for those who were on 70 to 75 points and pushing themselves to score 8 each band in PTE. If they get 8 each they must pass NAATI CCL test and should have at least one year onshore or three years offshore experience in the nominated occupation.

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80 points at least to get invited for 189 Visa - NepaliPage
Data and Graph: Department of Home Affairs

On the other hand, as per the DHA occupation celling and invitation numbers, still, there are more than a thousand places left for Accountants to be invited during this migration program year. DHA has invited 2,653 Accountants till 11 April 2019 out of 3,753 quotas allocated for the program year 2018-2019. 1,255 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers, 1,650 Registered Nurses, and 5,138 Software and Applications Programmers were invited to apply for permanent residency visa 189 during the same period. 

Total 22,720 invitations for 189-visa subclass was issued during the 10 months of the migration program year 2018-2019. And, only 100 invitations for Skilled Regional provisional visa subclass 489 were issued at the same time duration. Altogether 22,820 invitations were generated for skilled visas.

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80 points at least to get invited for 189 Visa - NepaliPage
Data and Graph: Department of Home Affairs

Since the migration program year 2017-18, the competition on Skill Select has been raised. International students, as well as overseas migration aspirants who want to move into and live in Australia, have to score higher on skill select. Since then the Australian government has also raised the pass marks to 65 from 60 points. Practically 65 point is still not enough to be invited to apply 189-visa. The popular pro rata occupants have to go through a cutthroat competition to get invited need to get points for their English, NAATI, Experience and other available options.

The Australian government has made an amendment in migration legislation recently, to support and send migrants into the regional area. That also changed some point awards which could help students and migrants to collect more points on Skill Select but need to wait till November what that brings on your EOI.

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