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Australia opens border on February 21, beckoning tourists

Should new Australians have to pass an English test to become citizens? - NepaliPage

Finally, after nearly two years, Australia opens border for travellers and visa holders, they need to be double vaxxed. Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Scott Morrison has announced Australia’s international border will finally open on February 21 and is deploying up to 1700 Australian Defence Force personnel to help with …

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Sending Money from Nepal to Abroad – How to Do It Legally?

Sending Money from Nepal to Abroad - How to Do It Legally - NepaliPage

Millions of Nepalese live abroad, earn, and send money home. but they have very limited options for sending Money from Nepal to Abroad. Can you send money overseas from Nepal Legally? Read this article to the end. Money transfers are necessary for most Nepalese migrants planning to leave Nepal for …

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