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Tasmania Migration Update darling for graduates, visa seekers

Tasmanian Migration Update darling for graduates, visa seekers - NepaliPage

New Tasmania Migration Update seems darling for students and Australian permanent visa seekers. Australian island state Tasmania has updated its migration program for new financial year 2022-23, with easier and simplified terms. Though the state still waiting for skill migration size from the federal government hinted state’s migration program would …

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Japanese foods for Special Occasions

Japanese foods for Special Occasions - NepaliPage

Japanese foods has their speciality and identity all around the world. Some of the Japanese foods have their significance with the occasions such as New Year celebration. Here we know more on Japanese taste on the time.   Travellers from around the world visit Japan for the sake of experiencing …

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Best Place To Buy Packaging Boxes in Australia 

Best Place To Buy Packaging Boxes in Australia - NepaliPage

Moving into a new flat or house means having your stuff packed well. To make them pack well, you need special packaging boxes called moving boxes. These moving boxes are a must-have to have your stuff managed during transport.  Now, to find and buy packaging boxes, i.e. moving boxes, can …

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Why international students need to make Aussie friends

Cheaper courses won't help graduates get jobs – they need good careers advice and links with employers - NepaliPage

Catherine Gomes, RMIT University A recent report on the satisfaction levels of international students in Australia, the United States and Britain has found that a student’s social life plays a big role in their happiness with their study experience. International students who made local friends were more satisfied with their …

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