9 helpful tips to hire a carpet cleaner for your home

9 helpful tips to hire a carpet cleaner for your home - NepaliPage

Carpet cleaning is undoubtedly the least favourite job for everyone in Australia. If you’re having trouble getting your carpets cleaned, why not hire a professional carpet cleaner in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, or Melbourne? We all know that flooring in your home plays a vital role in the comfort of your …

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Free Hazard Perception Test practice online

Free Hazard Perception Test practice online - NepaliPage

You can practice Hazard Perception Test online and free to improve your risk analysing skill.  Read Also: Convert your Nepalese driving license into NSW driving license What is Hazard Perception Test (HPT)? HPT is a mandatory test to proceed toward getting a driving license in Australia and many other countries. As …

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Himani Shah’s dance on TikTok gave a buzz

Himani Shah’s dance on TikTok gave a buzz - NepaliPage

Social media app TikTok’s popularity made Nepali Royals join the short video fun with quirky dance. Himani Shah Nepali crown princess has seen dancing for TikTok post with her two daughters in her Bangkok apartment. Currently, the Nepali royals stranded in Thailand due to global lockdown to cope with the …

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Know everything about the abandoned cars in Dubai


Dubai, the ultimate dumping ground of the most expensive cars! Imagine leaving the most expensive stuff you bought laying abandoned. Would you ever do that? Well, we guess not! But the playground of rich lads, Dubai is facing a very unusual issue- a case of abandoned expensive cars. In the …

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Know the mortgage stress before getting one


Australia is a beautiful destination to reside in! So why not invest in the Australian property wisely without tangling yourself in any kind of mortgage stress. But before that, one needs to have a clear and wide scenario of mortgage stress. What is mortgage stress? Mortgage stress is a definite …

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