Free Hazard Perception Test practice online

You can practice Hazard Perception Test online and free to improve your risk analysing skill. 

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Free Hazard Perception Test practice online - NepaliPageWhat is Hazard Perception Test (HPT)?

HPT is a mandatory test to proceed toward getting a driving license in Australia and many other countries. As a learner driver, this test examines your ability to analyze and respond to hazards while driving your vehicle. Because, driving is not about steering the vehicle, shifting gears, use of indicators, and knowing road rules. To drive safely on road you must have the ability to detect and respond to hazards that may arise while you on behind the wheel.

Actually, a hazard is a possible danger that might lead you to an accident. Hazard may be a pedestrian or animals crossing the road or ongoing roadworks as well as other vehicles passing through. To be a good driver on road you need to have knowledge and skill of hazard perception. The HPT examines learner’s skills to allow them to go hit the road for driving tests.

The test is a driving test specifically designed to help you identify and react appropriately to potential hazards while driving a vehicle. The test is typically run as part of the procedure to obtain a driver’s license. This additional test to other two driving tests, driver’s knowledge test (DKT) and road test. In test you will get a series of video clips that shows real-life driving scenario, and you must identify potential hazards as they arise.

One of the key benefits of the test is it helps you to develop “peripheral vision” and become more aware of your surroundings while behind the wheels. Practice for a hazard perception test helps you to develop your concept of anticipation of hazards on roads, they could be people, other vehicles, or animals and take an appropriate action to avoid. For example, if you are driving in motorways that passes through bush, especially in regional Australia, you could encounter kangaroos crossing the road. You should avoid collision to be safe. By developing the peripheral vision and becoming more attuned to surrounding you driving makes you a safer driver. Digital simulator for HPT test and practice gives you a chance to experience such real scenario without harming anyone.

Another advantage of the analytical ability of hazard on road helps you improve your decision-making skills. This HPT test practice enables you to make a quick and right decision while you encounter with a hazard in real life scenario. You may have to take actions as quick as possible such as stopping or slowing down your vehicle, changing lanes, or taking some other viable actions to keep yourself and others safe. The test helps you to practice this skill in simulated environment and become more confident to make decisions while driving on the road.

Another skill you develop while practicing for the hazard-perception test is the ability to anticipate the actions of other road users. By keeping eye on action and behaviour of other drivers, pedestrians, and other road users, you can judge other road users, their action and give an appropriate response. Which skill can help prevent accidents on the road.

How Hazard Perception (HPT) Test works?

The HPT is a computer-based test to measures a learner’s ability to react to the possible hazards while on road. To drive your vehicle you must have a good hazard perception and respond to that, the computer-simulated test presents a similar road situation where a potentially dangerous situation arises and asks you to respond to pass through safely.

Free Hazard Perception Test practice online - NepaliPage

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Why Hazard Perception (HPT) important?

The HPT test confirms your ability to analyze and responding potential danger on a road that you might encounter in your driving life. This test practice helps to make you able to cope with such a situation in real life. Various researches in Australia shows Hazard Perception skills are very important to make your driving safe on roads.

How to get Hazard Perception (HPT) practice?

There is very few HPT test practice available online. For Australia, only South Australian government agency has produced and shared test practice online free, which helps the learner drivers to develop and test their skill before attending the final test in RTO.

Here are 7 Hazard Perception (HPT) online practice free set:

Hazard Perception (HPT) online practice free 1

Hazard Perception (HPT) online practice free 2

Hazard Perception (HPT) Test online practice free 3

Hazard Perception (HPT) Test online practice free 4

Hazard Perception (HPT) Test online practice free 5

Hazard Perception (HPT) Test online practice free 6

Hazard Perception (HPT) Test online practice free 7

Four extra Hazard Perception (HPT) online practice free Test

Though following Hazard Perception (HPT) test online practice set is designed for the UK, helpful for Australia and NSW learner drivers.

Hazard Perception (HPT) Test online practice free 1

Hazard Perception (HPT) Test online practice free 2

Hazard Perception (HPT) Test online practice free 3

Hazard Perception (HPT) Test online practice free 4

Get more insight on Hazard Perception on driving download free handbook

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