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Nepalese are the fourth-biggest settlers in Australia

Why is Auburn such a popular hub for Nepalese in Australia - NepaliPage

Not only in VET colleges and universities, trains, trams, and buses, the Nepalese population in Australia now noticeable every public space. It’s not uncommon to hear loud Nepali music in some Australian suburbs as well as long and lively phone conversation in train carriages almost in each commute. Yes, the …

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A Quick Guide to Melbourne’s Neighborhood

MELBOURNE has been known as the world’s most liveable city, yet the different neighborhoods can set aside the opportunity to get know. Before you settle in one region, investigate and invest energy in the different rural areas. Here’s a snappy manual for help you on your trip. Melbourne CBD CBD …

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Top Reasons for Studying in Melbourne

If you thought that Melbourne is just a must visit city on your Australia vacation, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Melbourne is one of the most sought after cities by international students for doing their higher studies. The moment that you step in the Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, a student …

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