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Career in Immigration Industry in Australia

The immigration industry is worried about guaranteeing that the Australian immigration laws and controls are clung to. Immigration officers may work at air terminals and ports, checking the travel papers and visas of individuals entering Australia and setting up whether the guest meets the criteria for passage. In this case …

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More than 64,000 people living “illegally” in Australia

A recent set of figures released by the Immigration Department of Australia revealed that over 64,000 people are living in Australia illegally including many cases of over-staying. These unlawful non-citizens include those who overstayed in the country for over a period of two to three years. The Daily Mail reported that …

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Why you should migrate to Australia?

Top Ten Reasons to move to Australia - NepaliPage

A new country, new people, new lifestyle, new environment and many new and challenging things are waiting for you while you relocate to a new country. You have a well-settled life back in the home still, you risk that. You are aware you have to start from the zero level …

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