Your student visa would cancel if transit China

Many Nepalese choose China Southern Airlines transiting Guangzhou to travel Australia for cheap airfare (they allow carrying more luggage) but not a good idea this time.

Nepalese students returning from holidays or making the first trip could have their student visa cancelled if they board into a flight to Australia transiting China. Australia government has enforced new travel restrictions from 1 February 2020 to keep Australians safe from Novel Coronavirus. Australian Department of Home Affairs released travel restriction notice, which came into effect from 1 February restricts all temporary visa holders entering Australia via mainland China.

The Department suggests international travellers ‘do not travel to Australia this time.’ If anyone attempts to travel to Australia directly or indirectly after being in mainland China, airlines will not allow to bord into the flight. Anyone who got success in entering Australia after visiting mainland China if determined, would keep into detention for a quarantine period after cancelling an Australian visa. 

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Your student visa would cancel if transit China - NepaliPage
Image: Department of Home Affairs

Only Australian citizens, permanent residents, and immediate family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents, including spouses, minor dependents, and legal guardians, could enter Australia; however, they have been in mainland China. But, they need to keep themselves self-isolated condition fro 14 days after leaving mainland China.
From 1 February 2020, all temporary visa holders, including student visas regardless of their nationality, subject to enhanced border control measures the Department of Home Affairs said. Increased border control measure restricts international students to enter into Australia if they been in mainland China. ‘Temporary visa holders who are ineligible for entry into Australia under these measures will have their visa cancelled.’, the department travel restriction notice further mentions, ‘Arrangements will be made to reinstate visas as appropriate following the lifting of these enhanced border control measures.’

These measures are temporary and would be reviewed in 14 days.

To know further on Coronavirus update, follow ABC NEWS Clicking here.

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