Nepalese Community concerns over bogus Aged Care Certificates

A majority of members of the Nepalese Community in Australia are employed in Aged Care and other health-related services. They are concerned over the issue it may hurt their reputation at their workplace.

Leaders of Nepalese community in Australia expressed very serious concern over bogus certificates obtained through RPL. Posting videos and messages over social media community leaders involved in management roles in Aged Care, advise newcomers international students and members of the community not to be part of such illegal act. Especially it is known many Nepalese community members obtain Certificate III & IV in Aged Care and Disability Care without completing required classes and placements. Certificate III & IV in Aged Care and Disability Care are essential to join Aged Care and Disability Care roles in Australia.

Posting their concern over Facebook and TikTok they said it’s woeful to know the source of such bogus Aged Care Certificates are Nepalese-owned RTOs. Madhav Raj Paudel (known as Nisprabh Saji) who works as a director of nursing in one of a Sydney aged care facility expressed his concern over circulating bogus Aged Care certificate III posting 3 videos over TikTok. Said, ‘such activities hurt Nepalese reputation in Australian health and care service industry.’ The majority of Nepalese community members in Australia are involved in the Australian health and care industry. He further requests those involved RTOs to stop such illegal activities. He alleged, Nepalese Community Member-owned RTOs offering Aged Care certificates without any training and clinical placements, how to trick in an interview. Paudel posted another video on TikTok as an update, mentioned they contacted such RTO and filed a complaint to the regulator body.

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It is known, to join Aged care and Disability care roles candidates need to complete certain competency tests as well as 120 hours of clinical placements. Certificates without completing theoretical and clinical placements as well as not meeting the RPL requirements are considered fake.

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Pradeep Timalsina Registered Nurse who currently works as a clinical manager in Canberra also confirms the circulation of fake Aged and Disability Care certificates among international students and regional nomination seekers. Warns, students moved Australian regional town seeking migration nomination not to involve in such illegal activities. Tirtha Khatiwada who runs an education consultancy in Sydney, makes clear through Facebook post terms such activities are shameful to those involved. Khatiwada in a conversation with NepaliPage further said, ‘education consultancies should do their research and advise students that serve their (students) best interest to avoid such illegal deeds.’

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It is known, many Nepalese community members with no prior experience in the field obtained such certificates through RPL. As there are no such aged care facilities and courses in Nepal, experience letters from Nepal for such clinical roles may not necessarily be a genuine claim. As Aged and Disability Care is a very serious job involving bogus documentation could cause serious consequences.

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Not only Aged Care and Disability Care, newcomers and visa seekers willing to through RPL should know the consequences and requirements. Hem Raj Bhatta, Sydney-based Solicitor, and Migration Agent on his TikTok suggest students go through the way they are supposed to.

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NepaliPage urges its readers not to involve in such. If members of the community and newcomer students need any further ideas on such consult with your education agent/provider, alternatively you can join our Facebook Group (Nepalese in Living in Australia) for job and training ideas.

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