Canberra Matrix third round shows rays of hope

After months of uncertainty, international students moved into Canberra now see some rays of hope. The third round of Canberra Matrix gave a chance to take a long breath to the aspirants of the state-sponsored visa subclass 190 nominations. The Canberra Matrix round took place on 15 January 2019 issued 212 invitations to apply for much-awaited state nomination. Besides the highest invitation, the round also went down to 65 matrix points for being invited.

As per the invitation result published by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government Matrix submissions till 16 December 2018 accessed to produce the result. The next invitation round will run on 31 January 2019. The first round of Canberra Matrix had produced 93 invitations and matrix range was in between 130 to 85 points, following one produced 205 from matrix range of 115 to 70 points. 

The Canberra Matrix was introduced to manage positions available and applications for the nomination based on applicant’s attachment with Canberra. Previously the ACT government had halted the nomination and announced changes on it last year. This new Canberra Matrix looks similar to the Federal Government’s Skill Select. On this current round, the government selected nominees who scored 65 or more points on Canberra Matrix. 110 point was the highest on the matrix on this round of invitation segment. The last invitation round shows the competition to secure an invitation to apply for state nomination is now no tougher for those who are already in Canberra. Canberra Matrix third round shows rays of hope - NepaliPage
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Canberra runs the invitation round for the nomination for state nominated visa subclass 190 each month. The Canberra Matrix gives applicants points based on their tie with Canberra. The state has classified those in 12 different aspects of Canberra life. Factors like Length of residence in Canberra, English language proficiency, Spouse/partner English language proficiency, and Nominated occupation (open or closed) and so on, that makes applicants eligible to get an invitation to apply for ACT state nomination.

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