Canberra Matrix: 93 invitations on the first round

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government started to nominate candidates for 190 state sponsored visa. The visa allows a grantee to remain in Australia permanently. On the first round, Canberra selected 93 candidates to apply for its nomination for subclass visa subclass 190. The nomination process resumed after the change that occurred on 29 June this year, when the ACT made changes on the nomination process and paused the process until the new Canberra Matrix introduced. That change kept the majority of international students those moved into Canberra to access state nomination on uncertain to their visa possibilities for what they relocated to Canberra. 

As per the information published by the state government, the government selected nominees who scored 85 or more points on Canberra Matrix. 130 point was the highest point for the round. The first invitation round for state nomination candidate selection via Canberra Matrix selected 93 highest point scorer candidates. That shows the tougher competition in Canberra to achieve a nomination from the government that could permit to remain permanently in Australia.

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Canberra Matrix: 93 invitations on the first round - NepaliPage
The state would run the nomination invitation round each month. Canberra also released information regarding processing time for the application for ACT nomination for subclass 190 and employer nominated visas. Currently, the processing time for streamlined Ph.D. nomination is one week whilst two months for Canberra or overseas and applicants through employer nomination.

The Canberra Matrix offers applicants points based on their attachment with Canberra. There are 12 different factors that reward points on the merit-based nomination system. Those factors such as Length of residence in Canberra, English language proficiency, Spouse/partner English language proficiency, and Nominated occupation (open or closed) and so on, that makes applicants eligible to get an invitation to apply for ACT state nomination.

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