Up to 1100 dollars payment for international students studying in Victoria

Victoria state government today announced a relief payment for international students affected by COVID-19. The state government will establish a $45 million International Student Emergency Relief Fund to help international students in Victoria run their basics.

The state government will pay students a one-off payment of up to 1100 dollars through this International Student Emergency Relief Fund. The government expanded its emergency provisions to cover international students who are facing a crisis and need support in these exceptional circumstances created by the COVID-19. Victorian Minister for Education James Merlino said, “It’s important that we back the people who have made such a strong commitment to our state, and we will make sure that our education providers can emerge from the other side of this crisis in a position to quickly rebuild.” 

Last financial year, international students contributed $12.6 billion in revenue for Victoria. The international student movement supported about 79,000 jobs. China, India, Nepal, Malaysia, and Vietnam are major international student source countries for Victoria.

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Up to 1100 dollars payment for international students studying in Victoria - NepaliPage

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About 40,000 international students currently enrolled at Victorian education providers have lost their income and employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students studying in Victoria’s universities, TAFEs, private vocational education and training providers, and English language colleges would get this relief payment that would cover verified lost income up to $1,100.

Besides this payment support, about 150,000 international students currently living in the state are eligible to get Victorian Government’s rent relief program, those legally eligible to work in Victoria also eligible for the Working for Victoria initiative as well.

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Know more about International-Student Emergency Relief Fund

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