8 Nepalese affected from COVID-19 in Australia

The Embassy of Nepal, Canberra reported nearly eight Nepali students in Australia have been tested positive with noble COVID-19 on 2020, March 03.  The name of the students has not been released by the Australian Embassy, but the students hail from NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania.

The Embassy of Nepal is closely monitoring the situation and is connected with the health official to address the agencies or measures to the Nepalese student, temporary resident, and other Nepalese immigrants.

All the seven female students from NSW (4), Victoria (3) are positively recovering in quarantine while one student from Tasmania has recovered.

As posted by the Nepalese Embassy Australia,

“The Embassy is closely following up on the situation that has developed here in Australia as a result of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and has been communicating with the concerned agencies/authorities of Australian Government to address the situation and provide necessary support measures to the Nepali international students, temporary residents and the Nepali community affected by the COVID-19. ”

The Embassy also said that several visiting parents, students and temporary visa holders are requesting quick repatriation. The Embassy has also received queries for the evacuation of a few Nepalese students, family, and temporary visa holders, who are facing a difficult scenario in Australia.

Nepali Embassy in Australia has thanked the Non-Residential Nepalese Association (NRNA) for the profound initiation and assistance in such an emergency situation.

The post states,

“We wish them a quick recovery and thank the team NRNA and other Nepali community organizations for their kind work and support to the needy both at self-isolation as well as in quarantine at this difficult time.”

Looking at the on-going situation, the Embassy has coordinated with authorities in Kathmandu to manage a safe journey.

The Embassy has kept its helpline open for the immigrants and assures to update every COVID-19 related information.

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