PM Morrison reduces the public gathering to 2

No country is safe from the COVID-19 attack. Australia too in the past few days has become a victim of these dangerous viruses. Hence, to reduce and control its spread, Prime Minster Morrison yesterday took up the stage to further narrow down the rules and regulations.

Prime Minister on 2020, March 29, took the center stage and announced the reductions gathering.  The official has reduced to two in public spaces. Any individuals violating the instructions shall be penalized, as said by the Prime Minister.

The move remains valid for public areas, such as skating areas, playgrounds, gyms, and parks. However, the existing restrictions of five people at weddings, and 10 people at the funeral remain the same.

Morrison said,

“States and territories will decide whether they proceed to make this an enforceable limit in the same way that the 10-person limit is already being enforced. But in all cases, this is the strong advice of all states and Territories, that unless it’s your household, the family, those that are living at your residence, that being with only one other person as a gathering outside is what is required.”

Despite the restrictions, the shopping centers and supermarket remains open.

Adding more, Morrison has requested all the people aged over 70 to remain inside their homes and self-isolate.

Further, Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy gave an insight on the COVID-19 perspective in Australia. At the moment, Australia has a total of 3, 978 cases, and claims to have the highest testing rate with the lowest positive test rates.

Brendan Murphy said,

I should say at the outset that we are not Italy, we are not the United States, we are not Spain. We have one of the highest rates of testing per head of population in the world and one of the lowest positive test rates. So we think, unlike countries like, unfortunately, like Italy, Iran, and even the US, that when they detected significant outbreaks, they probably had much, much larger outbreaks in the community that was undetected. We feel reasonably confident that we are detecting a significant majority of the cases in Australia.

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