Planning for PTE Academic? Here are practice materials

The Pearson Test of English, commonly PTE in short, computer-based English languages test for non-native English speaker to validate their English language competency. It tests speaker’s skill on four bands Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. For international students who wish to study in English speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, USA and so on need to prove their skill in English with tests like PTE Academic.

Moreover, PTE Academic score is one of the major achievements that bridge you with Australian Permanent Residency (PR in Australia). That’s the reason many of us keep trying to achieve a higher score in PTE Academic attempting test time to time because more you score more close you are with Australia. For that many students in Australia spending thousands of dollars for PTE Academic preparation courses in Sydney based tuition centers though it’s not obligatory to join to achieve scores such as 65+ or 79+.Planning for PTE Academic? Here are practice materials - NepaliPage

Many students opt to join PTE Preparation Classes to get better insight into PTE Academic testing system and develop response strategies for PTE questions. But a majority of them disrepair with the fact that, there are openly available materials over the internet which will help them to achieve 65+ and 79+ in PTE exam without spending time and money for PTE Preparation classes. Many YouTube channels, blogs, and websites are providing free PTE Academic test preparation materials and PTE mock test; only you need to be careful on this is the source should be authentic such as blog by PTE scorer or University teacher or English Online course provider.

Remember, the valid source for PTE Academic test preparation material is Pearson itself. Pearson provides a guide as well as practice material for prospect PTE test takers free as well as real exam mock test with paid options.

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Here are some valid sources for PTE Academic practice materials that may help you to achieve your desired score.

  1. Exam English 
  2. Pearson Longman
  3. Thevsquare
  4. PTE Practice (Get registered to access free practice material)
  5. PTE Study (Here you can get unscored practice material same as PTE Official practice material)

Pronunciation Improvement Tools 

More PTE Materials

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  1. I understand that joining an institute is important to know basics of PTE exams but self-preparation is key to pass this exam with high score. So instead of spending your precious time in class rooms, go around and speak with other to put your knowledge into practice.

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