How to find cheap petrol in Sydney? Here is the answer

Though petrol price is already up, there is a way to find cheap petrol in sydney comparing price between brands and fuel stations.

This time Australians get sour petrol price. Even E10 costs around 2.10 dollars per liter. At this time cost of living is rocketing with fuel price, but there is a way to compare and find cheap fuel among various brands and providers in Sydney, NSW. Recently, 7 News published a report announcing Speedway on Blaxcell Street Granville as the cheapest fuel station analysing a year around price index. They also find the best days to get cheaper petrol in Sydney suburbs.

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How to find cheap petrol in Sydney?

For NSW residents NSW Government has developed an app that compares petrol price in sydney and other NSW suburbs and recommends cheaper one. Have you ever tried FuelCheck app? The app gives you real time price list of over 2,000 service stations over the NSW. This is handy tool to find the cheap petrol in Sydney, allows to check price cycle, price drop notification, reminds best day to fill petrol etc.

Have you ever thought of having an app to answer all your fuel related queries?  Now, there is an App available for you that is very handy. The FuelCheck app. The New South Wales Government’s help resident to manage cost of living.

How to find cheap petrol in Sydney? Here is the answer - NepaliPage

FuelCheck provides information on real-time price, as far as fuel is concerned, to consumers.  It covers all the service stations within NSW, over 2,000 fuel stations. Being an online tool, FuelCheck can be accessed on any device connected to the internet.  This includes all the smartphones and all types of computers i.e.  Desktop computers laptops and tablet PCs as well.

Why use FuelCheck

The salient features of FuelCheck are:

  • Finding the cheapest fuel being sold anywhere within NSW.
  • Getting directions to any service station within NSW.
  • Searching for fuel by type of fuel i.e. E10, Regular, Premium, Diesel or LPG, or by brand.
  • If the price at the pump mismatch with what is shown on FuelCheck, The consumers may even submit their complaint to NSW Fair Trading by using this app.

How to use FuelCheck

The use of the FuelCkeck app is very simple.  The FuelCheck home page shows different panels. Just tap on the desired one and the map will be opened.  Choose your preferences using the buttons provided at the bottom.  The required information will be available for your reference.

As the NSW Government is committed to Open Data, In accordance with its commitment, the motorists’ community is provided with the raw data created by FuelCheck and is available for their use.

The motorists’ are requested to make full use of FuelCkeck and save in terms of money, quality, quantity and time spent to find the correct fuel station.

To access the app Click Here

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