Tasmania Migration Update darling for graduates, visa seekers

New Tasmania Migration Update seems darling for students and Australian permanent visa seekers.

Australian island state Tasmania has updated its migration program for new financial year 2022-23, with easier and simplified terms. Though the state still waiting for skill migration size from the federal government hinted state’s migration program would be more international students friendly.

Tasmania has announced changes to its skilled migration requirements and processing, giving opportunities for fresh graduates reprieving course or occupation restriction. Punam Panta, migration agent at InTact Migration Services said, ‘overall they are making the whole process simplified and more detailed so candidates can check if they meet the requirement for invitation.’

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Tasmanian Migration Update darling for graduates, visa seekers - NepaliPage
Renown Migration Agent in Tasmania Poonam Panta sees more opportunities and flexibility for students. Photo: Supplied

In new migration program year Migration Tasmania would let state nomination seekers register their EOI through Migration Tasmania Gateway. Migration Tasmania in its update says, ‘the most competitive will be able to apply for nomination.’

Highlights of Tasmania Migration Update


  • For graduates
    • There won’t be any course or occupation restriction. There won’t be any mandatory work requirement like before either for your course
    • All PHD students have permanent pathway
  • For skilled employees
    • Many more occupations will be added to the 190 list
    • No occupation will be required for 491
    • Part time work will count towards work experience unlike before
    • A sub-contractor who has skill assessed will also be included in the skilled migration pathway
  • For Business Operators
    • Business operation requirement will be 12 months from previous 6 months
    • There will also be a requirement to meet business income requirement of 80% from the 53,900 ($43,120)
  • For people who have lived in Tasmania for a while
    • This is a completely new pathway for people who have lived in Tasmania and established in employment or business
      1. 3 years for 190 and 2 years for 491
      2. Business operators will get 190 if the successfully ran their business living in Tasmania for last 2 years
  • For oversees applicants
    • Anyone with job offer will be able to come in without any occupation requirement
    • More occupation will be added to skill select as Tasmanian business demand
    • There will be more profiles added to SkillSelect to help overseas applicants simply their EOI

Source: Migration Tasmania   

Tasmania Migration Update darling for graduates, visa seekers - NepaliPage
Students and state nomination seekers have to register their interest through Migration Tasmania Gateway and most competitive would get invitation for state nomination.

Determining attributes for Tasmania Sate Nomination

For new skilled migration program year Tasmania plans to set a systematic set of attributes to examine candidate suitability for state nomination. Through Migration Tasmania Gateway the state will invite to apply for visa nomination for most competitive candidate. Candidate competency would be determined by following attributes:

  • duration and industry of employment
  • employment in skilled roles which are critical to the Tasmanian economy
  • connections between employment, skills assessment, and study
  • rate of salary compared with the Australia average and median
  • nature, level, and duration of Tasmanian study
  • completion of work placements related to study
  • graduate employment offers
  • duration and success of business operation
  • level of business investment, turnover, and local employment
  • length of residence in Tasmania
  • English language ability
  • location, length of residence, employment, and skills of dependants.


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