Graduating students! these are things to consider

Assignments, presentations, team building, tests, research, report and so on, the world behind the university gate seems quite absorbing. What after graduation? Do not think you would get relief from stress and pressure, after graduation you will enter another stage of it leaving study and score pressure behind the university gate. For a recently graduated student, job application, interview, and fear of being unemployed would be new keywords that buzz the mind always. But don’t get tensed, there are plenty of things that you can enjoy forgetting assignment due date and exam pressure. But for international students studying in Australia should approach the post-graduation scene quite differently.

Graduating international students should plan for their post-study stay in Australia. If you do not have a plan to remain in Australia as a permanent resident you can go for a holiday, experience Australian workspace or plan to return or utilize your two years post study work privilege via graduate temporary visa. But if you not planning to return to your country and want to remain in Australia as a permanent resident, things should be planned according to the migration scenario.

From the year 2018 Australian skill migration scenario has changed so graduating students should plan their stay and further steps in such way that would benefit them and keep them in a right track for Australian permanent residency and life in Australia. There is a number of things you should consider during your last semester at university.

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English Test

For permanent migration proficiency in the English Language is a must. Forgot about each band SIX and do not be comfortable with each band SEVEN now to get an invitation to apply Australian permanent residency visa such as 189 and 190 you need to score Eight each band either in IELTS or PTE. English proficiency test is essential for all except those who hold UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand passport.

Not only IELTS, but Australian Immigration also accepts PTE, in fact, these days PTE is so popular among students with faster result delivery.


Not only English but smart and skilled enough in own mother tongue or language would also help you to achieve an invitation to apply for Australian skilled migration visa to live and work in Australia permanently. So, interpretation skill and deep understanding of Australian life, value and society will give you 5 extra points into your migration application. So, taking a class and sitting on the NAATI’s CCL test would be a good idea.


Temporary Graduate 485 Visa

Though 24 months period of the temporary Graduate 485 visa may not enough to prepare and get permanent residency in Australia, it’s a good opportunity that international students get after completion of their at least two years higher studies in Australia. The 24 months you can work full time and prepare to be eligible for permanent residency through skilled migration. This is the time to fulfill all requirements for skilled migration such as language test, skill assessment as well as gain some industry experience that the major components in your application for Australian Permanent Residency.

To apply for temporary graduate 485 visa you need to complete at least 96 weeks or 2 years study in Australia and at least 5 each band in PTE or IELTS.

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Professional Year

The professional year gives international students two benefits first it bridge the gap between university and industry sector and the second is students get 5 extra points for skilled migration if they apply and want to remain in Australia as a permanent migrant. Actually, students opt the professional year program as the second step after completion of a university degree in Australia and during this program, they prepare for English and NAATI CCL Test. The requirements of this program are degree award from Australian university, 6 and equivalent score on IELTS or PTE. Students only on graduate temporary 485 visa can join the professional year program. So, not missing this program would be great. 

Migration Point Assortment

This is the main activity during graduate temporary 485 visa, you need to collect points for your migration application as much as you can. So, you need to go through English test, NAATI CCL test as well as related fieldwork experience and the professional year program. For English, you should target each band 8 that will give you 20 points in skilled migration stream. For a skilled independent visa 189, you don’t require sponsorship from an employer or Australian state but your occupation must be on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). If you have completed your Australian degree from a regional area you will get another 5 points.

There are various ways to get a permanent residency visa if you not achieving the best case such as each band 8 in English, pass in NAATI CCL you have to plan with your circumstance. Many students moved interstate such as moving into Darwin or Tasmania where they may get state sponsorship for their skill migration visa, but you need to full fill the criteria such state and region set for their sponsorship nomination. But, you need to meet the pass marks (65 points) and pull marks (55 & 60 points) criteria to apply an EOI for permanent migration.

  • For skilled independent 189 visa you need to score higher points as much as you can. In current scenario 85 points for Accounting students and 70-75 points for other subject graduates to get an invitation but to lodge Expression of Interest (EOI) you need a minimum 65 points.
  • In point tested skill migration stream, age plays a vital role, if you are in between 25 and 32, you would get 30 points and otherwise lose at least 5 points.
  • One year professional year program will give you 5 points and passing NAATI CCL gives another extra 5 points for your EOI.
  • Work experience in a similar field at least 1 year in Australia after compilation of your degree adds another 5 points, but that should be accessed by related authority. You can add your overseas experience too.
  • If you got state nomination that would give you 5 points for 190 visa and 10 points for 489 regional provisional visa.

To achieve an Australian Dream you need to get a permanent residency in Australia for that need to make various plans to reach to that. Keep in mind there are various ways and options depending on the situation, a qualified migration agent, self-study and migration forums could help you to make your plan stronger and better.


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