Study Australia guide for international students

Are you someone aspiring to study in Australia as an international student? and want to make a career with a job opportunity in Australia? Or are you confused between the cities in Australia on how to choose one particular city for study as well as a job?

The most expensive city is Sydney, followed by Melbourne. Australia is a relatively safe place but cities anywhere are going to have their trouble, just because of the number of people in them. For international students, big cities offer big opportunities to work and various options for career development, though rent and living expenses are quite expensive.  

Job opportunities really depend on what you have to offer…so, how is your English, do you have any qualifications or experience in any particular area?

Consider study options in regional areas, so out of the city… they can sometimes be a bit cheaper, quieter and easier to manage for someone who is just getting to know Australia. This would include places such as Ballarat, which has two universities. And if you are thinking to live and stay in Australia for longer, you will be eligible for extra points in your migration application if you study in regional areas.

Australian Regional Areas has a lot to offer to international students. Current government policy also promotes regional migration.

Now, if you are a student and want to multitask i.e. learn and earn in Australia then do read this:

There are top universities in both Melbourne and Sydney. Both Melbourne and Sydney are large cities in Australia. The cost of living is high and accommodation is costly too.

Suppose you have a question in your mind regarding how much a migrant or a foreign student can earn in Australia? Here is  the answer

Let’s talk about money. How much do things cost in Australia? How much will you get paid when you work in Australia? How much money should you take with you? 

As mentioned before, Australia is not at all a cheap country. Accommodation, transport, food, entertainment …these are all expensive. But, the great thing is that when you work you make good money in Australia.

As an international student, you are likely to start by having a casual job. Many students work in the hospitality sector (cafes, restaurants, hotels) and the salaries are usually enough to pay your basic living expenses, even if you are only working part-time.

Most students need at least $1,500 per month to live. The bigger cities tend to be more expensive, but they also benefit from having more job opportunities.

If you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident then you can work as many hours as you like but if you are on an international student visa then mostly you are allowed maximum 20 hours of paid work per week during sessions.
During the session break, you may work fulltime hours.

Keeping all this in mind, you have to plan your stay in Australia and you need to decide prior to where you need to work and what interests you more.

The article will surely help you to direct your way to Australia and start your career there.

So, pull up your socks and be ready you have a great future ahead.

Writer : Shravani Prabhudessai

Hailing from a middle class family, Shravani has completed her BE in Computers, but she likes more to play with words rather than coding.

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