Driving in Australia with Nepali license

Australia remains one of the most preferred destinations for Nepalese to work, live as well as pursue higher studies. Many leave their homeland with all necessary preparations like getting the skills training required to get work there, learning driving among others. It is equally important to learn driving as it is to acquire some skills in hand. It will make you easy to travel around Australia. Before you get behind the wheel once you arrive in Australia there are driving laws and regulations you need to know about.

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Driving in Australia with Nepali license - NepaliPage

Driving regulations and laws vary from state to state in Australia. Some states have made it mandatory to carry an international license with your Nepali driving license while other states require you to carry your current license with the formal translation of it in English. Most of the states in Australia let you drive in with an overseas(Nepali) license as long as it is current (not expired, suspended, or canceled). With an overseas license, you are permitted to drive vehicles according to the conditions set by the license you hold.
Here are the different driving rules followed in each Australian state and territory:

Driving in Australian Captial Territory (ACT) with Nepali license

If you are living in the ACT you need not get an ACT driving license, you can drive with your overseas (Nepali driving license) license if it is current and your visitor status remains unchanged. If you are a Nepali license holder you must have a driver license written in English or carry an international driving permit or an official translation of it in English along with a Nepali driving license. Being a non-resident of ACT, you are authorized to drive vehicles with your overseas (Nepali) license. To know more about click here

Driving in New South Wales (NSW) with Nepali license

If you are planning to stay longer with permanent residency in NSW you can use your Nepali license only for the first three months. After the time, you must get an NSW driver’s license. Once you apply for the driving license you will be provided with a temporary overseas license. For the period of three months, you are permitted to drive the vehicles covered by your Nepali license. If you don’t have a license written in English then you must carry an international driving permit or an English translation of Nepali license. If you are in temporary visa you can drive with your Nepali licence for six months, you need to convert your Nepalese driving license if your intention to live in the state longer. To get more idea about driving in NSW with an international license read more from here

If you meet following five conditions you can drive in NSW under Nepali License provision: 

  • If you are on temporary overseas visitor visa
  • Have a current Nepali Driving License
  • Not disqualified for driving in NSW or elsewhere
  • If your license is not suspended/cancelled or visitor driving permission withdrawn
  • Carry your Nepali License with you while drive or ride (with a translated copy if not in English)

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Driving in Northern Territory (NT) with Nepali license

For a Nepali migrant/student, your Nepali driving license will be valid for three months in Northern territory. To continue driving after three months, you have to acquire a Northern Territory driver license. To know more about click here

Driving in Queensland with Nepali license

As to driving in Queensland, your Nepali license will be valid. However, there are some rules to be followed like you are required only to drive the vehicle authorized by license and adhere to the rules set by the license.  To know more click here

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Driving in Australia with Nepali license - NepaliPage


Driving in South Australia with Nepali license

In South Australia as well, you will be able to drive with your Nepali license. But you must have either a current license that is in English or with an English translation. After getting a permanent resident status of South Australia, you have to obtain a South Australian driver’s license within three months. If you are on temporary visa and your licence expires while in Australia you must go for South Australian license. To know more click here

Driving in Tasmania with Nepali license

A Nepali student or migrant is allowed to drive in Tasmania on his Nepali driving license. But if the license is not in English you should have the official translation of it or an international driving permit. On receiving a PR visa you should get a Tasmanian license within three months of visa grant. To know more click here

Driving in Victoria with Nepali license

Your Nepali driving license works in Victoria if you want to drive within its territory including driving in Melbourne. Like in other states you must carry an English translation or international driving permit if your driving license is not written in English. If you are coming in Victoria on a permanent visa or granted after arriving in Australia, you can drive around in Victoria with a driving license of Nepal for six months from the date you first arrived in Australia. If you have intention to live in VIC more than Six months you must go for VIC driving license no matter which visa you hold. To know more Click Here

Driving in Western Australia with Nepali license

In Western Australia, you are allowed to drive vehicles with driving license of Nepal as long as it remains valid. Once it becomes invalid you must obtain a Western Australian driving license. Here in Western Australia as well you must carry an English translation or international driving permit if your driving license is not written in English. To know more click here


To know more explicitly on Driving in Australia with Nepali license, road regulation, your license & circumstances, and to be trained for Australian Roads consult with local Australian driving school.   

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