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Australia is a great country to get the education where university courses covering a wide range of disciplines can be chosen from. Many Australian universities are ranked among top 100 universities in the world. Being the third most popular destination after UK and US among students, it is known for its world-class education. It has all kinds of universities courses to offer be it medical, engineering, management or arts. Let’s take a look at the courses available in Australia here:


Choosing a course to study in Australia - NepaliPageHealth courses would be best to choose because there is a high demand for health professionals. After acquiring a graduate certificate in health course you will have an understanding of planning, monitoring, managing and coordinating the health care system. You can pursue a career of gynecologists, anesthetists, dermatologists, pathologists among others. You will find a plenty of jobs in this field.


choosing-a-course-to-study-in-australia-engineeringStudents studying engineering courses have high chances of getting jobs with handsome salary because expanding growth in the mining of Australia is need of engineering graduates. You can embrace the excellent job opportunities if you embrace engineering course. The current supply of engineers is inadequate so you have a good chance of grabbing the opportunity of getting a high paying job.


Choosing a course to study in Australia - NepaliPageA law degree has a lot to offer. Law degree not only opens career options in the law sector but also offers a broad range of nonlaw career alternatives. You have careers in a courtroom, law firms, legal offices and other non-law careers as well. You can have the knowledge about how power is exercised in different levels of society, rule of law after completion of this course. Besides that, you will develop argumentative and critical analysis skills.


Choosing a course to study in Australia - NepaliPageIf you are thinking about studying finance courses Australia then you have made the right decision. The fields of employment after completing a financial course are corporate and finance, banking, insurance, the stock market and so on. You can continue your career as a Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker, Commercial Analyst, Credit and Lending Officer. You will acquire a qualification that will be recognized globally and lifelong skills of leadership and independent thinking.


Choosing a course to study in Australia - NepaliPageIf you are interested in a history of the earth and many other aspects of it. You would be greatly benefited if you take up this course in Australia. After being a geology graduate you will have knowledge of minerals geological processes, the formation of the Earth, how the environment works and much more. You can work in minerals, petroleum, groundwater resources industries, research fields and environment organisations dealing with geology.


Choosing a course to study in Australia - NepaliPageHave you dreamt of serving people being employed in medicine sector? If yes, dentistry could be the option for you. It is one of the promising fields as the health of the people has always been a topmost priority in Australia. Getting a degree in dental practice you can work as a dentist in public hospitals, clinics and other health services.


Choosing a course to study in Australia - NepaliPageBusiness course is an all-round discipline covering finance, marketing, economics and business. You can develop the skills of marketing, financial analysis, business administration, strategic planning and various other business practices. As it is clear that it covers many aspects of finance, the business degree ensures a wide range of career paths. With skills you get after being a business graduate, you are deemed to be eligible to every kind of organization as this course is also about managing people.

Computer Science 

Choosing a course to study in Australia - NepaliPageIT is ruling the entire world and ICT industry is growing every day. If you want to contribute to the change computer software is bringing, computer science is the course to opt for. Being a computer science graduate you will master in theoretical principles of computer programming and assist in devising technological innovations. You can hold a job as a software engineer, programmer, web developer, system analyst, network analyst with the highest salary.

Environmental Science 

Choosing a course to study in Australia - NepaliPageAn environmental science degree is also one of the prestigious degrees. Along with the rapid development, acute environmental problems are being surfaced. Bearing in mind the effects, the Australian government has also acknowledged the importance of preserving environment paving the path for a broad range of careers options for environmental science graduates. The graduate can work developing plans for environment conservation, development policies, environmental research and management.

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