Coding Bootcamp, does it worth joining? 

If you are looking for career change or enhance your skill for IT jobs but does not want to join university or another academic course? Then you have non-degree pathway to achieve the similar jobs, lifestyle, and income. That’s coding bootcamp, which is popular learning stream these days for software engineers, programmers, data scientists, cyber security specialists and many IT professionals. In this post I will discuss various aspects of cording bootcamp and give you a conclusion why and how joining coding bootcamp helps you achieve your goals.

 What a Coding Bootcamp is?

A coding bootcamp is combination of instructor-led training sessions, independent research, study and practice, assignments and individual as well as group projects. This training program provides students opportunity to learn and be proficient on industry-standard technology and tools. During bootcamp instructor tries to make sure everyone would develop their theoretical and practical understanding so they can start join industry as a skilled work force and contribute.

Unlike university or college degree coding bootcamp focuses on specific technology and skills so student can develop expert knowledge on their skill niche. Though bootcamps are not considered as academic education, companies and employers recognise coding bootcamp as skill and knowledge development training, this adds huge value in your resume. Coding Bootcamp course materials and delivery plan includes all those computer science and software engineering fundamentals along with professional development courses so you will not behind.

Coding Bootcamp, does it worth joining - NepaliPage

What skills does a coding bootcamp teaches?

Coding bootcamp trainings are designed to transfer technical, practical as well as professional skills in a specialised way. There are many programming languages, frameworks, and technologies are used for difference purposes and products. Based on what set you would like to learn bootcamp tailor the course set for you. Generally, coding bootcamps train you skills that in-demand. That might include web development, mobile application development, database management, networking, security, and application development.

As bootcamps are streamlined way of learning, you would get hands-on experience of working on different projects, how to mange tasks and timelines. You would learn soft skills as well as hard skills through the training which you need to be hired.

How long it takes to complete a coding bootcamp?

No matter who is offering, university or professionals, generally a bootcamp takes 12-60 weeks to complete. As this learning stream is for short way to supply skilled manpower to the booming industry.

Bootcamp providers present courses with short duration to make learning specialised. For instance, web-development bootcamp, the course only trains with front end technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript etc. and prepare students for web development in 12 weeks. But some would be longer like full stack developer bootcamp which covers front-end as well as back-end development.

If you go for online or hybrid bootcamp where you learn on self-pace, you can stretch it for a bit longer time.

What you learn in IT bootcamps?

IT bootcamps offer technology and skill specific to the role you want to start your career. IT is a broad field, there are range of bootcamps in class or online to help you develop skill. During the training they train you with specific technology and tools aligned with the bootcamp title for example if you go for MERN Stack Developer bootcamp, they start with VS Code, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript History and cover various aspect of Workflow, Project Mgmt., Building portfolio, GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Bootstrap, React Bootstrap. MERN Stack bootcamp also includes Server-side validation, JWT, Authentication, Authorization, Workflow, Project Mgmt

NodeJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB, MySql, Redis DB, System design pattern, Monolithic, Microservice and many more.

Besides technologies and projects bootcamp prepares you for job hunt, resume preparation, social media optimisation, technical interview, problem solving skill, and professional development.

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Coding Bootcamp, does it worth joining - NepaliPage
Dented Code, Rockdale based bootcamp provider is helping students to join Australian software industry through streamlined learning pathway. Image: Supplied

How much a coding bootcamp cost?

Well, there are many factors which determines cost of bootcamp training. Basically, provider, program, delivery, and specialisation govern the price factor. In Australia, there are three types of bootcamps available online, in-class, and hybrid. Based on provider full-stack development bootcamp costs somewhere between $8000 to $10000 in total for 5 to 6 months. For specific language bootcamp might cost around $2000-$2500 for 1-2 months duration. Almost all bootcamp provider offer payment plan. You can pay in monthly installment.

What are the jobs I can get after completing a coding bootcamp?

Once you complete your coding bootcamp, you can pursue entry-level opportunities in software industry. Junior Developer, Web Developer, Software Engineer, Analyst Developer, Full Stack Developer, Software Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Technical Project Manager are some of the roles you could get after completion of coding bootcamp.

Developers & programmers future in Australia?

Developers and programmers are high in-demand occupation in Australia. According to the National Skills Commission there were 7841 vacancies for developers in one month duration June to August 2022.

As per the Skill Commission report Programmers are one of two occupation that has low replacement rate. Further, Australia needs more programmers and coders in future. According to Australian Skills Commission future projection job openings would be around 99,900 to 2026. And the employment growth in five years to 2026 would be 42,200.

What are the things to consider joining bootcamp?

There are couple of things you should make your own enquiry before joining a software development bootcamp. One of the most important is stack or technology. Before joining look around the job market, which is in-demand technology or stack.

Besides technology and stack, there are cost, online or in-class, job opportunities and job support from the bootcamp organisers are other factors one need to consider.

One of the popular bootcamps in Australia, Dented Code runs a full stack web developer bootcamp in Sydney. Their bootcamp is based on MERN Stack. Founder and lead trainer Prem Prasad Archarya says they do the market testing each six months to determine what technology they should include. Choosing high-demand and low-threshold technology and bootcamps providing such training is a wise move, Acharya suggests. Dented Code has impressive job outcomes for its alumni.

Permanent residency prospect for International Students & Migrants

Among the various ways and approaches to permanent migration pathways in Australia, General Skilled Migration is one of the cores amongst all. Please be aware that the occupation list for the migration pathways keeps on changing so if your nominated occupation is IN today tomorrow it could be OUT from the list. So, you need to make timely and right decisions in the process of permanent residency pathways. It is very important to think about the prospects of securing permanent visa while you choose the course and the occupation you decide to pursue.

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Coding Bootcamp, does it worth joining - NepaliPage

Talking about Software and Application Programmer which falls under the category of ANZSCO 261399 is available for migration pathway for skilled Independent, state sponsorship along with employer sponsorship options. Software and Application Programmers specialize in designing, developing, maintaining, and documenting program code as per the requirement. To be eligible for these pathways the basics of the requirement is skills assessment which is done through your formal qualifications and including Professional Year Program or Australian Work Experience in the nominated or closely related occupations. The closely related occupations are the occupations in this group which starts with ANZSCO digit 2613. They are as follows.

  • 261312 Developer Programmer
  • 261313 Software Engineer
  • 261314 Software Tester
  • 261315 Cyber Security Engineer
  • 261316 DevOps Engineer
  • 261317 Penetration Tester
  • 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec (source;
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