Canberra opened 190 visa state sponsorship

The state government of ACT, Canberra has opened its nomination for state-sponsored permanent visa subclass 190. As told by the government already, from 29 November, 190 visa nomination seekers can apply for state nomination through Canberra Matrix. ACT government also updated the skilled occupation list for its nomination for the year 2018/2019.

Aspirants for the ACT state sponsorship for 190 visa subclass now formally have to express their interest for ACT 190 nomination using score-based approach. The points are allocated based on an individual’s economic contribution to the state as well as a commitment to the state. Here is more detail how Canberra awards you points in Canberra Matrix. The ACT government will select higher scorer in the matrix for its ACT 190 nomination. 

Once a candidate gets an invitation to apply for nomination s/he has to apply for nomination within 14 days for invitation received. If in case one fails to provide evidence for the matrix score in which the invitation based the application will fail to meet the nomination requirements.

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On 29 June this year, ACT had made changes that made the majority of international students moved into Canberra to access nomination after overwhelming application for the 190 visa state sponsorship.

Now, Canberra introduced Canberra Matrix and point tested nomination system after a long consultation with the community, program participants, migration agents, education providers, employers, and other stakeholders.

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