Canberra invited 687 for state nomination in January

Canberra invited 687 candidates submitted an expression of interest to live and work in Canberra as permanent resident via Canberra Matrix in January 2020. Two rounds of the Canberra Matrix produced those invitations to apply for state nomination for 190 state nominated permanent and 491 regional provisional visas. Two hundred candidates were invited for state nomination for 190-visa and 75 invited for 491 visa nomination on the first round. Second round dated 23 January 2020 invited further 251 candidates for 190-visa nomination and 161 invited for 491-visa nomination.

Canberra Matrix rounds in January sent total 451inviations to apply for a state nominated permanent visa subclass-190. And, 236 were sent for 491 visa nomination. The Canberra Matrix point range was 145 to 80 points on 9 January round for 190 visa nomination. Point range for 491 was between 120 to 70 points. The point range for 190 was 120 to 75 for 190 visa nomination on the second round of the month.

Canberra invited 687 for state nomination in January - NepaliPage
Many international students graduated in Sydney and Melbourne moving into Canberra with hope to get state nomination, but the scenario seems not that favourable as many agents explain.



A fresh round on 7 February 2020, sent invitations to 83 candidates for 190 visa nomination. Another 82 were invited to apply state nomination for 491 visa subclass. The point range for 190 visa was between 135 to 75 points and 120 to 70 points for 491 visa.

After an overhaul of the Australian permanent residency program last year many aspirants to spend life in Australia, moving regional areas to qualify for state nomination. The skilled regional visa announced last year seems permanent residency pathway for many international students though very hard to pass the provisional provisions. Thousands of international students graduated in major cities as Sydney and Melbourne moving into less dense regional hubs and core regional Australia to qualify them for state nomination. Now, two states Tasmania and Canberra getting overcrowded as a massive number of international students moving into the states. With the colossal upsurge of nomination seekers, Tasmania and Canberra state governments strengthen the nomination criteria with suitability approach, which would create more competition in regional Australia among international students to secure a nomination that would lead toward permanent residency.

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