Canberra invited 5904 for state nomination in 11 months

Canberra invited almost six thousand candidates to apply for state nomination for their migration visa in 11 months duration. Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government’s Canberra Matrix report confirms the government invited 5,904 candidates invited through July 2019 to May 2020. Each month Canberra invites candidates intense to live and work in ACT permanently through its skilled migration program.

Through 11 months of the migration program year, 2019-2020 Canberra invited 4,850 candidates to apply for state nomination for their state nominated permanent residency visa subclass 190. In the same duration, the state invited another 1,054 candidates to apply for regional provisional visa subclass 491. The highest invitation was sent through the Canberra Matrix in October 2019. In October last year, Canberra invited 1150 candidates to apply for subclass 190 visa nominations.

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Visa Subclass  

Total Invitations for state nomination

190 491
July 2019 843   843
August 2019 152   152
September 2019 341   341
October 2019 1.150   1150
November 2019 184   184
December 2019 54   54
January 2020 451 236 687
February 2020 254 161 415
March 2020 334 496 830
April 2020 327 161 488


May 2020 760   760
Total 4.850 1,054 5,904

Data Source: ACT Government

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No more invitations for subclass 491

Canberra government has suspended to invite candidates to apply for a subclass-491 visa since April this year. On 14th of this April, the state called 78 candidates for visa 491 nominations then paused inviting further. According to ACT state government, they are not sending invitations for visa subclass 491 as they have sufficient applications in the queue.

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ACT government had overhauled its migration program last year with a new point-based Canberra Matrix to test each candidate’s suitability. To keep themselves candidates has to meet specific criteria and score higher score on Canberra Matrix. The higher points score means a higher chance to get invited to award state nomination.

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