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Five Fantastic Investment opportunities in Nepal 

Five Fantastic Investment opportunities in Nepal - NepaliPage

As a least developed country between two huge population there are fantastic investment opportunities in Nepal Nepal is a nation that is making rapid progress toward economic success. The country is an ideal option if you are looking for a spot to invest that will bring you decent returns as …

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Nepali learning: 5 channel for your kid

Nepali learning: 5 channel for your kid - NepaliPage

It’s not easy for parents living overseas to train children Nepalese language, as there are limited time and learning resources available. However, to keep a knot with motherland Nepal many Nepalese parents in different parts of the world trying hard to expose their kids with Nepalese language and culture. To …

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Nepal-born Aussies increasing at the highest rate

Census 2016: Nepal Emerges As The Most Common Country Of Birth - NepaliPage

The rate of increase in the number of Nepal-borns that call Australia home continues to dominate figures representing top 50 source countries. According to statistics available with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), immigrants from the mountain nation “had the highest rate of increase between 2006 and 2016 with an average annual …

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