Most sought occupations in Australia

When we think about career and occupation for life, an image of a doctor, engineer or pilot pops up in mind. Even these days if you ask with any child ‘what you want to become when you would be young?’ in Nepal, the majority of children will reply with the same occupation doctor, engineer or pilot. And when you consult with any education agent for study in Australia, the majority of them will not only suggest but also push you to join Information Technology, Nursing or Accounting courses. Because, till today majority of education consultancies and consultants think Information Technology, Nursing and Accounting are major occupation categories that lead toward permanent residency in Australia. 

But, if you go with Australian skill migration plan and program the scenario is quite different than any education consultants in your country suggests to you. Though nursing still stands for most sought occupation, there are many other occupations which Australia needs such as electricians, carpenters and joiners, mechanics and so on. The trade occupation dominates the occupation ceiling for the skill migration program. As per the occupation ceiling for 2018-19 electricians, secondary school teachers and carpenters and joiners are in most in demand in Australia after the registered nurse. Based on the occupation ceiling values these are the most demanded occupations in Australia in which you can get skilled migration opportunity to live and work in Australia.
Most sought occupations in Australia - NepaliPage

  1. Registered Nurse

  2. Electricians

  3. Secondary School Teachers

  4. Carpenters and Joiners

  5. Software and Application Programmers

  6. Metal Fitters and Machinists

  7. Motor Mechanics

  8. Construction Managers

  9. Plumbers

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