Got a ‘Tax Refund Notification’ on mail, it’s scam

Do you have a new unread email in your inbox asking you to verify your billing information in order to ‘file’ your tax refund on subject line? It’s a fraudulent email; don’t follow the link that asks you to verify your billing information. If you click anywhere on the email that will take you to a fake tax refund form asking you to fill out your personal details.

Got a ‘Tax Refund Notification’ on mail, it’s scam - NepaliPage
Image: ATO

It’s the way scammers get access to your personal details and steal your hard earned money, keeping you in trouble. In many cases, people don’t become cautious and follow the link, when the mail claims from ATO or other governmental departments. Especially on tax time scammer use false ATO logo and mocking ATO website URL to give a genuine look on scam emails. But remember ATO doesn’t call on your mobile and sends email to you regarding your tax and personal details including credit card information.

Australian Taxation Office asked people to keep caution while dealing such emails which asks your details for a tax refund. ATO clarifies that ‘all online management of your tax affairs should be carried out via your myGov account. The ATO does not have an online ‘Tax Refund’ form.’

Widespread recent fake ATO email contains a dodgy ‘Tax Refund Notification’ that misleadingly includes the Australian Taxation Office logo and asks people to follow a link that seems to be the ATO website though, the link does not lead to an address.

If you get this mail, do not fall behind it, because it doesn’t you’re your name on greeting line and with language is not seems grammatically sound.

To know and report about Taxation related scams visit ATO Scam Alert website (Click Here)

To know all about Scams and how to keep yourself safe visit ScamWatch website (Click Here)


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