Protests at Airports May Lead to Possible Ruckus for Travelers

With the workers holding protests across the country against dangerous shift work, there is a possibility of a ruckus to be created for travelers. The protest is expected to cause delays at the major airports across Australia.

The protest has been announced against the newly decided split shifts across the airport industry in Australia. The Federal court will be hearing the case today, the decision of which could result in all aviation employees being forced onto split shifts. This will lead to the work hours of a person being split into several parts throughout the day.

Due to split shifts, workers are forced to stay and work in Airports for 15 hours straight while being paid only for 6 hours.

The protests will be held at the following Airports at the given time:

  • Sydney Airport – 12 pm international terminal
  • Melbourne Airport – 1 pm – Qantas domestic terminal
  • Brisbane Airport – 10 am – domestic terminal carpark walkway
  • Adelaide Airport – 10.30am – main entrance to terminal


The Transport Workers Union made statement stressing on how dangerous can be split shifts. Split shifts combined with excessive workload due to understaffing can cause fatigue and dangerous life-threatening accidents. These have also raised the injury takes at Australian airports and safety risks.



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