Career as a hairdresser in Australia

Many students come each year to Australia full of creativity to make a good career in the artistic field. As the world is getting more and more evolved so is the disposable income in the hands of people increasing so is the demand for grooming oneself and thus there is increasing opportunity in the field of grooming. In this especially the field of hair care and hairdressing is blooming with great colors.

Career as Hairdresser in Australia - NepaliPageThere are many institutes that provide career training and growth in the field of hairdressing. Broadly speaking, there are two main certificates that you can go for which are: Certificate II in Hairdressing and Certificate III in Hairdressing. While the first one is for the beginners and the students who are new to this field, the latter prepares you for going all entrepreneurial and makes you ready for opening a saloon of yours.

Certificate II in Hairdressing:

This is for the beginners who are starting in this field of hairdressing.  This course grooms you in areas like good communication skills, connecting with customers on a personal level and understanding their basic needs and requirements. Thus giving you a general macro overview of the industry and hence makes you eligible for internships and apprenticeship. After some experience, you are also eligible to join saloon chains as hairdresser based on your skills and specialization in interested area.

Career as Hairdresser in Australia - NepaliPage

Certificate III in Hairdressing:

This is an advanced level course that gives you training in special areas and hence you become better equipped as a hairdresser even to start on your own. The various modules included in this are:

  • Hair styling
  • Hair cutting
  • Coloring (highlight, permanent color, semi-permanent color)
  • Curling and straightening
  • Consultations
  • Hair and scalp treatments
  • Promotion of your products and services
  • Knowledge about the science of hairdressing.

Career as Hairdresser in Australia - NepaliPage

This is an advanced level course and hence opens up a new world of opportunities for the student. After completing this successfully, you can seek opportunities even as stylists for photography sessions that pay a handsome amount and also you get that glamour exposure. The other career options available here are hairdresser, stylist, color specialists.

Other good jobs that give you more autonomy and monetary returns are salon owner and chain owner. The responsibilities are more in this but they come with their returns as well. Company technician is an upcoming job in this. A company technician provides various services such as shampooing, conditioning, cutting, styling, dying, treatments, facial hair removal and wig management.

Annual Income

The expected income for hairdressers is in between $679.90 and $799 per week, which means a hairdresser can expect to generate annual minimum $35 354.80 which is a starting pay rate, generally $41 599 annual is average. But the experienced one getting paid around $60,200 annually depending on organization they work for.

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