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Now this one has a special appeal to all the health enthusiasts out there! You guys are an inspiration to us sitting here with a bag of chips and laptops. There are many students who come to Australia to make a career for themselves and want to keep up with their health and physique too at the same time. Well, that is quiet right and as a student, you have all the time and age to do it. There are many gym memberships available all across the country to choose from.

Gym Memberships In Australia - NepaliPage

There are many kinds of plans that you may choose from among various gyms that are available. Since there are so many options available, you might just get confused as to which one to choose. But in all this do not forget your rights and what you must do in this regard too. Here are some points to go by when selecting a gym membership:

  • Analyse your options correctly and don’t be intimidated by the gym owner to make any payments or take the membership in haste.
  • It is advisable to choose one that takes less time for commuting and is closer to your residence.
  • Always go for written agreements rather than verbal promises.
  • Check the written agreement very carefully and make sure you agree to all the terms and conditions. Do not agree if you are not comfortable with any of T&C.
  • Never make any payments before mutual agreement on T&C
  • There is generally a clause added about “cooling-off period”. This is the duration till which you can cancel your membership without paying any fines. Take special notice of this. Also, pay special attention to the terms of membership cancellation in terms of cancellation charges and time period to inform.
  • Generally, a 12-month membership is more expensive than a 3 or 4-month membership. You can go for the latter one but also keep in mind the period of your stay.

Gym Memberships In Australia - NepaliPage

Did you know that gyms are members of Fitness Australia at ? Well, they are and it is recommended to go for the ones in the list as they are more trusted in by their customers. You can also find information about this from this helpline number 1300 211 311. One of the main perks for selecting a gym that is listed in this is, in the case of any disputes with the gym you get help from Fitness Australia upon giving them the complaint/problem/issue in writing. But what if you have selected a gym that is not a member of this? Then also you need not worry because Fair Trading has got your back in this. You can call this helpline for assistance in these situations: 13 32 20.


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