Bhim Niroula rocked Britain’s Got Talent crowd

Without British accent, a Nepalese origin contestant on Britain’s Got Talent rocked the whole mass with his catchy song. Saturday Bhim Niroula prompted Britain’s Got Talent crowd to sing with him his six years back viral song ‘Sunday Morning Love You.’

Bhim Niroula rocked Britain’s Got Talent crowd - NepaliPage
Image: Screen Grab Britain’s Got Talent

Though he got red buzzer by Simon Cowell at the very early of his performance, he carried out recital spell bounded. The overwhelming audience reaction for his song and performance gave a big buzz. The mass gathered for the show was singing the song, even Bhim Niroula finished his performance.

In 2013 the song created the internet sensation with lyrical punch ‘I want to love you every day.’ Now again, trending over the internet and social as many people admiring his originality of emotions and lyrics.

Bhim Niroula performing in Britain’s Got Talent

Social Buzz for Bhim Niroula performance

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