Various Visa options for migrants in Australia

Although you can find a plethora of opportunities and visa options either for studying, residing or living in Australia on temporary as well as a permanent basis, most of the times immigrants prefer Australia immigration visas. One is liable for getting Visa based on the points scored by your experience and your skills. Most of the popular visa options of Australian immigration include:

1. Points based Visas, Australia General Skilled Migration (subclass 189, 489 visas)

2. Employer Nomination Scheme

  • Whenever you apply for a PR Visa,  you can enjoy n number of benefits. Those include:
  • Family Visa with equal benefits
  • You can earn in dollars
  • Health, Social and Employment benefits equal to Australian citizens
  • Improved and quality lifestyle

There are many different categories to an Australian work permit visa and just because you want to find employment does not mean you will automatically have your request granted for Australian Immigration.

Broadly speaking, an Australian work permit visa can be broken down into two main types: those wishing to carry out casual work and others wanting to engage in something a bit more serious. Various Visa options for migrants in Australia - NepaliPage

Australian Work Permit Visa Process

The first group of travelers of Australian work permit visa may find that the term of a working holidaymaker visa ticks all their boxes. Only designed for those from one of the lists of specified countries, it allows a small amount of work in predefined occupations to be carried out in order to supplement the income. The work must not have been the sole purpose for Australian Immigration.

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Australian Business Visa

Visas which are part of the Australian work permit visa are not considered as the same thing as an Australian business visa. The latter requires either a substantial investment into Australia or the provision of proven skills as evidenced by past achievements and a business plan for the new enterprise under Australian business visa.

Australian Student Visa

Students are an exception to the rules and do not require a special permit in order to be allowed to work under an Australian student visa. However, whilst an Australian student visa provides the individual with permission to carry out some work, it comes with restrictions and limitations especially during term time of the relevant organization.


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