Top reasons to visit Perth

An isolated city standing proudly flanked between the Indian Ocean and the arid outback, Perth in western Australia is a must visit to anyone who wants a quick get away. The city offers so much to see and do that you can’t possibly do it all in one go. Perth is known for its rich culture which is well represented by the cultural center in the city. Now, this is a bonus for all the art and culture lovers out there. You can go to so many art galleries and museums to feed that insatiable hunger of yours. Visit the beaches, get tanned and just relax!

Still not satisfied? Here are some highlights of the city that will make you pack your bags right away!

  • The food and drinks!

Now, this is quite quirky here and gets as fun as it can possibly get.  The bars are intimate and there is no one to judge. If you want to mingle up with some cool people, The Aviary on William Street is your stop. Another place, Hula Bula offers a fun filled environment with a vintage vibe. Looking for some taste of authenticity? Go to Helvetica off Howard’s Lane. You can also enjoy live music every Wednesday from 9 PM at Llama Bar in Sabi.

  • Kings Park for hangout

Get your friends together and chill at this ultra casual yet cool place on a bright sunny day. You can also enjoy Moonlight Cinema which is an open air cinema. There are new movies that are put up along with old cult classics all summer.  Lunch hour retreat is a special attraction over here.

  • The beaches!

Lay at the bright white beaches and look at the blue Indian Ocean waters. Can life get any better than this? Amongst all the amazing beaches that Western Australia has, Cottesloe is known for its safe swimming facilities hence attracting many families on weekends. This is a great picnic spot too with many delicacies served in nearby cafes.

If you want a less crowded place, go for Sorrento which is famous for its water ideal for surfing. 

  • The culture point!

For all those who love art, culture and history, Perth is the place for you. Visit Diamonds and Dinosaurs exhibition, Dampier Marine Gallery, and the Mammal Gallery. The Cultural Centre, the Western Australia Museum are some of the premier cultural organizations. Be sure to spend some time at the Art Gallery and get amazed by the beauty it holds.

  • Animal Love

Australia has a rich wildlife and unique in many terms. Get ready to be swept off your feet by Kangaroos, Dingoes and koalas. The Perth Zoo has over 160 other species from all around the globe.

You can also take on some fun adventure by going to Rottnest Island and enjoy Cycle paths, walking trails, and segway tours. To give it a more classy look, there are facilities for snorkelling and golf as well.


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