Things you need to know before planning to study in Australia

‘Study in Australia’ is the best option for an abroad study plan for career and professional development. But before planning to move to Australia one should understand Aussie Culture, Etiquette as well as rules.

Cultural differences are so vast even within Nepal and it is natural to find a wide variety of cultural, lingual, lifestyle differences once you set your foot in a foreign land. Australia is not an exception to it. You will find a wide difference between Nepal and Australia. Before moving anywhere it is important you have enough knowledge about the new place. It will help you get accustomed to it easily. Australia is also known as Aussie or Oz comprising of six states and two territories. The six states of Australia are Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania. The two territories are Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. Canberra which is the capital city of Australia is located in the Australian Capital Territory.

Australia is a multicultural country attracting a large number of immigrants every year. It is also one of the expensive countries to live in. It has three levels of government: federal, state, and local councils. It is rich in wildlife, flora, and fauna. Apart from this, below are the things you need to know before planning to study in Australia. 

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You need to get a health insurance

Things you need to know before planning to study in Australia - NepaliPage

If you are going to a study abroad program, the program covers your health insurance. But if you are planning to study in Australia directly with a university you need to get health insurance.

Australia is expensive

Things you need to know before planning to study in Australia - NepaliPage

Sydney and Melbourne are enlisted as the most expensive cities. You will find everything from house rent to all living cost expensive. You should spend your money carefully and organize your spending. You might feel the need to work to cover your expenses. You will be allowed to work with some limits on working hours.

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The Australian slang

Things you need to know before planning to study in Australia - NepaliPage

To avoid yourself looking stupid or stop someone laughing at you in Australia, you should know about some Australian slangs in advance. Meanwhile, there is also the advantage of living in Australia which is a wide variety of food diverse cultures offer.

Different Grading system

Things you need to know before planning to study in Australia - NepaliPageAustralia has a different grading system. Getting ‘D’ doesn’t mean poor but just the opposite. ‘D’ stands for Distinction in Australia. Likewise, HD means High distinction, C means Credit, P means Pass, and F means Fail. 

Know students’ rights

Things you need to know before planning to study in Australia - NepaliPageBefore moving to Australia, know about student’s and workers’ rights. This information you can find online, all are available free. Being an international student in Australia you need to gather all information about what you are entitled to do as a student and a worker. Also about your responsibilities.

Know about road rules

Things you need to know before planning to study in Australia - NepaliPageYou should know that Australians drive on the left side of the road. You can see ‘Keep Left’ everywhere at intersections and highways. There is a pretty good chance that you might buy a car or rent so get familiar with the rules of Australian roads. Avoid driving early in the morning and late in the evening because there are Kangaroos everywhere. And keep close tabs for traffic cameras.

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