Things you must know about New Long Stay Parent Visa

Australian Government seems to be making a lot of changes in their system for allowing migrants. As a part of it, a new visa has been introduced that allows migrant’s parents to come in the country. The government is planning to announce this officially along with the budget. This change has been brought in after constant discussions with communities that are suffering due to the current system of visa for parents. Their argument was the visa system took a long time and hence unnecessary delays.

Things you must know about New Long Stay Parent Visa - NepaliPage

Currently, there are various segments of parent visas such as Aged Parent visa, the Contributory Parent (Temporary) and the permanent Contributory Parent visa. Here are some important things that you need to know about the new long stay visa for parents.

  • To start with, there is a lot of argument going on about the cost of it as many people feel it is not justified. 3-year-visa will cost $5000, a 5-year-visa will cost $10,000 and a 10-year-visa will cost $20,000.
  • You will get an opportunity of renewal of this at the same price but that can be done only once.
  • Only 15000 people each year will be granted this long stay parent visa.
  • However, the parents who come by way of this visa are not permitted to work. Government’s view on this is that they can help their families in daily chores and thus take off some work pressure.
  • In addition to the fees for visa, children or sponsors of long stay parent visa for their parents will also be required to pay for the elderly’s private health insurance. This is compulsory. Moreover, children or sponsors will also be the guarantor regarding any other cost related to health care and services that the elderly will take in Australia.
  • Only Australian citizens or permanent residents, or “eligible New Zealand citizens” can sponsor the visa for their parents.
  • An important point to note here is that they will not be provided permanent residency and even after renewal the maximum extended period is 10 years.
  • The scheme is still to pass the parliament and the government is planning to put this in effect from November 2017.


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