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Nepali learning: 5 channel for your kid

Nepali learning: 5 channel for your kid - NepaliPage

It’s not easy for parents living overseas to train children Nepalese language, as there are limited time and learning resources available. However, to keep a knot with motherland Nepal many Nepalese parents in different parts of the world trying hard to expose their kids with Nepalese language and culture. To …

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Skills that help you to pass NAATI CCL Nepali

The way to get NAATI Nepali Test Sample free - NepaliPage

NAATI, generally what we understand by this is the test consists of 2 dialogues between two speakers one Nepalese and another English; we have to interpret both speaker’s statement and if we passed we will get 5 extra points in the migration process. But the actual test we understand with …

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Reasons why Nepalese in Australia unable to find a proper job

14,594 Nepalese got Australian Student Visa in Six Months - NepaliPage

Australian job market promises wide career opportunities yet finding a job in Australia for non-English speaking nationals(like Nepalese in Australia), it’s a bit tough. Despite having required qualifications and expertise in your field you might be disqualified. Because employers are not only looking for skilled employees but ones having a good …

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