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Renting Accommodation in Australia

Renting accommodation in Australia can be a little tricky and there are many things that you have to see and take care of. These can be divided into many groups and you must always be careful about these. Since while renting accommodation, you will sign an agreement and breaking it or deviating from the conditions that are put in it will have many consequences.

To begin with, you have to sign a contract for renting a home known as “Residential Tenancy Agreement”. Generally, land lords take help of brokers to do the formalities. This will be lease based which can be from 6 months to 12 months. Make sure to check all the terms and conditions and that you agree with them. Also, give attention to the rent written in there and if there are any other charges such as maintenance etc… Pay any money only as per the contract and after signing it. Keep a copy of it with you and all the receipts as well.

You will also be given a Fair Trading Factsheet which is like a checklist. This is available in many languages and is required to be seen and agreed with before signing the tenancy agreement.

Renting Accommodation in Australia - NepaliPage

Condition Report:

This is a simple checklist which is your right that allows you to check the condition of the place you are renting and inspect it. This is supposed to be completed by the tenant in a period of 7 days and has to be given back to the landlord. Make sure to have a copy of this with you as well.


There are some repairs which are because of your mistake and hence you will have to take care of those. While for the repairs that you cannot be held accountable for, your landlord had to make it good and you are not liable to pay for this. In the case of any emergency repairs that you spent on, do keep the payment receipt carefully and let your landlord know about it. You can also send him the copy of proof of payment via email.

Moving out:

When you are vacating the property make sure that any damage was done is either make good or has been informed to the landlord. You should check your Residential Tenancy Agreement for knowing what notice period is there for vacating the property. Also, both the landlord and tenant has to sign the Claim for Refund of Bond Money form to get the bond money refunded.

Renting Accommodation in Australia - NepaliPage

Here are some quick links to consider if you face any problem with renting.

  • NSW Fair Trading

You can visit the NSW site for more information. Also, for any problems that you are facing with your landlord, you may contact 13 32 20. In case you need any language assistance, contact 13 14 50.

  • Tenants’ Union:

Provides free assistance and advice.

Contact: 1800 251 101


  • NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

NCAT provides low-cost support services to tenants, landlords, agents etc…

Contact: 1300 006 228


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