All you need to know about Credit Card Chargeback and Scams

As credit card payments are becoming more common mode these days so is the no.of scams increasing in this area. A scam is nothing but a fraudulent transaction in which you have paid the required amount and yet the promised product or service is either not provided to you or is partially not done. There are many situations in which you are not satisfied with the service and want a refund. This is credit card chargeback. There are many things you have to be careful about in these.

All you need to know about Credit Card Chargeback and Scams - NepaliPageTo start with, let us see what are the situations in which you are eligible for a chargeback:

  • The credit card is charged although you have not received the said product or service.
  • A transaction is made without your approval or authorisation.

However, there is one important point to note here. Every credit card service provider sets time limit within which only you can ask for a chargeback. Hence that has to be kept in mind.

Scams are also something you have to be very careful about because many times they are irreversible. You can encounter one in the form of email or by phone, text, fraudulent offers etc… There are many types of scams that are done on people and hence one must always be aware and careful. Few of them are listed here:

  • False promises of work/job in return of some upfront fees. Such ads are often found on billboards near electric poles, colleges, etc…
  • Money transfer by charity, fraud e-commerce websites.
  • Rental scams are also very common. Including both, a person goes away with the money or you are not provided what was promised.
  • Mobile phone scams are generally done by lottery messages and even by missed calls. The latter has also been a medium to steal personal information.
  • Auction scams that claim to sell cheap goods.

All you need to know about Credit Card Chargeback and Scams - NepaliPage

Always remember, never give your personal information for a bank account, passwords to anyone.

You must also keep yourself aware of the latest scams that have been done on people. For this, it would be best to read newspapers daily and keep yourself informed about the surroundings. You can also register yourself with SCAMwatch which send you free email alerts about new scams. You may take a look at their website here:

Here are some other websites which you may like to visit:

  • Stay Smart Online Service


  • Australian Cybercrime Online Report Network (ACORN)

This is also a popular site that gives you information about online scams. If you want to lodge any complaints about illegal or any online content that is prohibited, you can post it here. ACRON makes sure that it reaches to law enforcement and government agencies.


  • Econsumer                                                                                                                                                                     This is a network of international government organisations. Here you can report any problems or complaints with foreign companies regarding online transactions with foreign companies.


If some complain is originating from NSW or the business or trader is located in NSW, you can report it to the NSW Fair Trading online site or lodge a complaint by calling at 13 32 20

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