Premier Daniel Andrew declares state emergency in Victoria, Australia

COVID-19 has urged every Australian Premier to declare emergency in their respective states. The State of Emergency would begin from Monday, 2020, March 16, and would continue for the next four-weeks to combat COVID-19 alongside assist Chief Health Officer to flatten the curve of the coronavirus.

The declaration was made immediately after the state recorded its second case of COIVD-19. Victorian health authorities confirmed an additional 14 cases overnight which now stands a total of 71 cases.

As posted by 7, Daniel Andrew expressed the situation to be dicey holding no rooms of mistake. He said,

“Make no mistake, the next few weeks and months will be tough for everyone, but we’re doing what is necessary to protect Victorians.”

While the Health Minister Jenny Mikakos stated the corona outbreak to be the biggest challenge. He said,

“Biggest public health challenge we’ve faced in our lifetimes. That’s why it’s so important that we have the right tools at our disposal to minimize the impact of this virus.”

The National Cabinet on 2020, March 15, decided to prohibit mass gatherings and social activities that could eventually spread the virus. Public refusing to follow the regulation could attract a fine of $20,000 (individual) and $100,000 (corporate body).

The Premier also warned on Monday morning that there could be spot checks by police on people who are in 14-day self-isolation after returning from overseas. School and College closure is yet to be discussed at a meeting with Chief Health Officer and Chief Medical Officer in Canberra on Monday and Tuesday.

The emergency move follows a long list of cancellations and closures across the state. The Victoria Museum, the State Library, The National Gallery of Victoria announced temporary closures while the events such as Melbourne Food and Wine, Melbourne Fashion Week, Melbourne Comedy Festival have been postponed.

What does the Victoria State of Emergency mean?

A special power granted to the government authorities to protect the public from extra-ordinary situations. The Victorian government declared the State of Emergency from Monday till the extended period of four-weeks.

It prevents the public from entering large venues or attend mass gatherings. Under the state of emergency, the government holds the power to:

  • Prohibit mass gathering. But school, aged care, airports, food markets, and emergency services are exempted.
  • Large assemblies and lectures are forbidden.
  • Enforcement of spot check on the self-isolated people.
  • Prevent people or groups from entering a defined emergency area.

Just a day before, Queensland had announced State Emergency after a 60-year old lady died from Corona Virus.

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