Noteworthy Advises for 2017 Graduates

Every year as the economy and the sector characteristics change, so should the aim and whole game plan of each student graduating in that particular year change accordingly. If you want to be successful, the first and foremost rule is to be aware of the surroundings and what is happening.

As for the students graduating in the year 2017, the times have become tougher as more and more businesses are going towards digital means and hence you require more skills today for the same job. Because of the digitization of so many services, the lower and middle-level jobs are at the most risk. One at this point not only has to acquire knowledge and skills about their position but also be well versed with the new things in business so as to quickly grab the window of opportunity to climb up the ladder.

Noteworthy Advises for 2017 Graduates - NepaliPage

One of the most common yet most difficult questions that come in front of students who are just about to graduate is should they study more or take up a job. Now this decision has to be taken based upon many factors. First of all, you need to analyze that what learning opportunities your prospective job provides. Also over here, you may want to inquire with your prospective employer that if the company has any in-house teaching mechanism. If all this is present, a better idea is to take up the job and learn while you are in it.

However, some jobs like say that are related to studies itself or teaching for the matter require you to study in universities later on as well. So in these, it is often suggested that you get done with the studies once and for all.

An apprenticeship is also a good option you have if you want to learn on the job but want some financial security as well. If you land up in a good company, the work may be more but at the same time, the salaries are quite lucrative. Further to this, when choosing a company for your job or apprenticeship you must be very careful. A good plan here would be to get in touch with people who had worked earlier with them and get to know the work culture, their learning experience and similar things. Also, do good research about the company’s reputation and what value will an experience over there will fetch you.

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