Nepalese students enrolment increases by 200% in Australia

Australia became top study destination of Nepalese students for their higher education and career development.

The international student’s enrolment in Australian universities has extra-ordinarily risen. The Department of Education has released the admission fact sheets of 2019 calendar year, which demonstrates the total number of international acceptances has attained the highest number of 957,000. 

Australia till date has remained the most significant education centre for international students. Therefore the country has successfully attracted nearly 69,000 Nepalese students, 261,000 Chinese students, and 144,000 Indian students. Since 1994, the international registration has risen by 9.7% (2018), which has roughly increased by ten-fold. 

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Besides the Chinese and Indian students, at presently, Nepal has become an emerging hub for Australia’s growing market. Past three calendar years, Nepal seems to be a significant source of Australia’s growing demand, since the admission has increased by 200%.

Similarly, universities in New South Wales has gained an immense amount of attention from the Nepalese. The number of admissions in NSW soared by 215% since 2016, which is 2/3 of the total Nepalese student’s enrollment in the whole of the Australian region.

Such massive growth and interests in Australian universities have risen concern over the teaching standards. Recently, the education experts warned, the existence of the dubious education agents and their tactics to drive the surge in the Nepalese market. Most of the agents has started giving in the false hope of permanent residency and working rights, which has lured the Nepalese higher secondary students to join Australian universities. 

According to the statistics released by Macro Business, the number of education agents in Nepal has leapt from a few hundred to more than three thousand. Nearly more than thousands of Nepalese students have enrolled in language programs and other academic programs.

Likewise, the professor of higher education at the Australian National University, Andrew Norton has stated that the Department of Home Affairs should give a red flag to the Nepalese students. He further added,

“Nepal is a country with a not-very-large population, and it is inferior,” he said. “You have these basic questions of how so many people can afford to come to Australia and afford education here.”

Adding more, de-regulation has urged universities to lower their standards. Tim Colebatch further highlighted the scam issues faced by the immigrants.He said:

“This is not the first-time immigration from Nepal has surged. A decade ago, we saw a scam with training visas, in which “students” from India and Nepal came for training courses in Australia, then quickly vanished into the workforce. The fraud saw net immigration set record levels in 2008–09, before then immigration minister Chris Evans shut it down. But most of those who came stayed on here.”

Well, it seems like the education channel has become the backdoor immigration to Australia. The situation is likely to worsen as Australian universities to fill the pit hole of the falling Chinese international students would further lower the entry systems and teaching standards.

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