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Are you confused about your career in Australia to choose for better work, pay and balanced life? And thinking what job will pay you better? This is really a million dollar question in everyone’s life. Some people are happy to adopt a trade occupation which gives freedom to work and live and pays a decent income. Others happy with their office hour jobs and another segment love to commute daily for a job.  There are significant numbers of people who adopt trade occupation and specialized themselves as a cabinetmaker in Australia.

We’ve all heard it a million times, “Follow your dreams and the money will follow.” But is that always the case? What about the situation, when your dreams become boring after you’ve followed, or when the money isn’t good enough? Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. Enhancing yourself with skills to offer better service could help you to live your dreams. And, if you are thinking about life settlement with trade occupation becoming a cabinetmaker in Australia it might be a good thinking. A good cabinetmaker in Australia gets a decent pay with work-life balance. And if you are seeking a pathway to Permanent Residency in Australia, the occupation gives you that chance too.

What the Cabinetmaker in Australia do?

The Cabinetmakers work with the wood in order to build and install the cupboards and cabinets. Cabinetmakers are the specific types of woodworkers those create and also install the cabinets in the bathrooms or kitchens or any other areas of homes and businesses. The typical duty of the cabinet makers include designing the custom cabinets, making the cabinets, installation of the cabinetry, discussing the requirements with the clients and a

Also consulting the clients in case of any requirements and other duties as required. The cabinetmakers are also responsible for shaping and cutting the wood, also preparing the surfaces and then forming the completed product.

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The cabinetmaker is a skilled occupation in Australia that leads towards Permanent Residency. Generally, the occupation gets more than a thousand quotas for a skilled visa.

Educational Requirements

Generally, a high school diploma is needed in order to work as a Cabinetmaker in Australia. But if you are looking for permanent residency pathway via this occupation you need to acquire AQF certificate III including two years on-the-job training; alternatively, certificate IV to get your skill assessed by Trades Recognition Australia.  

All you need to know about Cabinetmakers in Australia

The sector of woodworking lacks formal educational requirements. Most employers look on a candidate with a high school diploma and can do attitude. Modern woodwork and equipment in use are complex, so quick learning aptitude with a trade certificate from a vocational or trade school enhances skill. If you have both qualification and seriousness about the occupation you will get a job quickly. One to two years course can prepare you to become a cabinetmaker. That teaches you furniture design and construction, carving, elements of design, cabinet making and finishing.

A cabinetmaker can work either in the residential or commercial setting. Being a cabinetmaker, you can also set up your own business i.e. you can be self-employed or can work under some furniture manufacturer and offer repair services to the companies, construction firms or cabinetmaking contractors. There are other options as well, such as crafting wood interiors for boats, planes, or hotels. Nearly all of the work is done indoors in large, well-lit and well-ventilated areas, so you can say your job is weatherproof. If you specialized yourself for Antique Furniture Reproducing, Antique Furniture Restore, Chair and Couch Making and Coffin Making, you would enjoy better opportunities in the future.

How much a cabinetmaker in Australia earns?

The average pay for a Cabinet Maker is AU$23.44 per hour. When it comes to earning as per the experience, one having an experience of 10 to 20 years in this field can really make great money. Normally, cabinetmakers can expect to work normal business hours, but in certain commercial applications, they can work in overnight as well.

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