Work in Australia as International Student

During the study, almost all students work in Australia to maintain their living expenses. Being an international student, you can work twenty hours a week. To be able to work in Australia, you must have working right. International students applying for a visa in Australia receive work permit along with their visa so they need not separately apply for it. Your visa condition defines your eligibility to work in Australia. You can work during your study in Australia, to cover living expenses and some cases education costs as well. Your student visa allows you to work up to 40 hours a fortnight during University or College classes and no restriction during holidays. It’s one of the appealing aspects of Study Australia. If you go further than the allowed limit, your visa might be revoked.

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There are several ways to find jobs in Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and others. Vacancies and opportunities are either enlisted in newspapers or job classifieds online. (Here are some websites makes you easy to find a job in Australia) Most of the international students find their first job through their social and community networking. And some find via college’s international student support staff and department. You can plan your future job and work before you board for Australia, there are more than dozens of websites and hundreds of agencies you can get registered with your experience and skill. That makes you easy to find your job in Australia after landing here.

International Students in Australia can find a part-time job opportunity in retail, hospitality, tourism and agricultural sector. There are various opportunities in Sales and telemarketing, administration jobs and teaching or coaching school students. Though average Australian wage starts from $17.70 per hour, international students who work on cash in hand get 13-19 dollars depending on work type. Hospitality jobs including kitchen-hand, housekeeping pay international students $15.00 per hour in average.

Some employers might cheat you paying you extremely less and some are made to work for free on the grounds of working experience namely in hospitality or hairdressing. So if you can, avoid working on cash in hand; though you are working on cash in hand payment system still you can file a complaint at Fair Work Ombudsman if you feel mistreated or cheated at a workplace. You should be well aware of work rights and payment system. The Fair Work Ombudsman help to resolve workplace complaints and make employers and employees adhere to workplace laws.

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Work in Australia as International Student - NepaliPageYou might be asked to sign a contract of employment stating your minimum wages and rights at the workplace. Read it carefully before you sign in it and also keep a copy of it for yourself.

To be eligible to work or open a bank account, you must have a TFN (Tax File Number). You can apply for a TFN online and they send your TFN number and details to your home address. While applying for it, you need to submit details of your name, address, date of birth, Passport, date of arrival and documents stating your enrollment in college. Before you start working in Australia, know about workplace rights, responsibilities, and working conditions well.

Do not think that developed country like Australia is free from problems. Students working late night shifts succumbed to attacks and robberies. It is not safe traveling through public transport late at night if you have to walk to reach your home/room from a station.

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