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Careful lovebirds, scammers targeting you on social media

Careful lovebirds, scammers targeting you on social media - NepaliPage

February, this is the season of love. Not only on the single day of February 14 but from the beginning of the month, three big buzzing words trending on social media these days are love, romance and dating. As dating became digital, many singles now rooming timeline and groups looking …

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Don’t fall behind this Kmart 75 dollars giveaway

Your retail store is going to celebrate its 50th birthday and giving you 75 dollars to spend. How good it is? Probably you don’t want to lose 75 bucks, instantly click on the link of such giveaway and fill out the form whatever pops up on your screen. Wait, keep …

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Truth of this ‘missed call’ message

There is a rumor message spreading across Facebook today and many of our Nepalese community opinion leaders sharing in their circle. The message states that people have been receiving calls from foreign suspicious numbers starting from +375, +371, +563, +370, +255 and +381 as a missed call. The message further …

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Tax Talk- Protect Yourself from Scammers

As the dates for filing tax are coming closer, tax payers are searching for all the possible investment options to save some of it. This panic is often used by scammers to fool people by using fake schemes. This is generally done by sending emails and online methods to lure …

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