Renting Vehicles In Australia

Many of the tourists who come to Australia for vacation choose to rent a car for their traveling and sightseeing purposes more so because they can use their valid overseas driving licence for the time of their stay in Australia. Thus taking a vehicle and driving by yourself seems a very good idea. There are many rental companies that give vehicle on rent and the procedure is rather simple too.

Australia has a very well developed and organized car rental market with major five players running it all namely Avis, Budget, Hertz, Thrifty and Europcar. The network is very nicely built and hence you can get rented cars wherever you want. The facility for car renting is present in all the airports, major or minor and is also available in all towns and cities. Thus you will never be stranded at any place. In addition to this, there are second and third tier operators too that are present for your help. Second tier operators are present at all locations except for airports and the third tier operators are generally present at a single location but have cost advantages.

While renting a vehicle make sure that it is ensured and abides by all the requirements of law. It should be insured. Many times vehicle rental companies will require you to pay some amount as insurance hence while fixing the rental rates ask if it already included in the price or has to be paid in access to it. Also, it is a good idea to do a proper inspection of the vehicle before taking it and if any problems are found they must be reported to the rental company right away and must be made correct. This is in favor of you as this will prevent the company from blaming you for that fault later on.

After renting the vehicle you are required to take due care of it. The care must be such what you would have done for your own vehicle. It can be decided by the company beforehand that what are the situations in which if you pay for any fault in a car and it will be refunded to you. Thus having a proper written agreement covering everything is important. One of your rights as the person renting the vehicle is not to be cheated and charged for what you are liable. The rental company has the right to receive the vehicle back and charge you for any damages in the vehicle.

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