Protect your personal information in Australia

Whatever visa you have a student or Permanent Residency or Temporary Graduate or Work Visa, your personal information such as name, date of birth, Address, Tax File Number, driving license as well as credit card details and MyGov details are very important to you. Information on those is used to identify you, for example, your name, address and postcode might be enough to reset your opal card password or bank card pin or someone can get access to your internet banking using information on your driving license. Australian society is one of the digital societies in the world, where your identity can be stolen easily and someone can act as you to sell your property or get government benefits in your name. So be careful and protect your privacy and personal information.
Protect your personal information in Australia

Protecting your personal information is same as locking your doors before leave home. Do you know what and how to protect your personal information? Watch this video by Australian Taxation Office and make sure you keep your personal information protected always.


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