Popular Jobs for International Students in Australia

Most of the international student reckon a bit difficult to get a job in Australia at the very first stage, limited knowledge on employability and job nature the Australian cities need might be a major reason. Limited or null skills, poor language, work restriction (20 hours a week) and college hours become obstacles on the road to employment for students. It’s most important to know the sector or industry that have potentiality on hiring them.

Need to know which employments are prominent with worldwide understudies?

1. Job in retails/ retail sales

This employment includes helping clients in the store, managing stock and cleaning. It’s an awesome approach to learn English since you have such a large number of connections with partners and clients.

Pros: Flexible working conditions, heaps of time to hone English, for the most part complete at 5.30pm.

Cons: Low pay rate, solid starts, on your feet throughout the day.

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Popular Jobs for International Students in Australia - NepaliPage

2. Clerical Specialist

You could be making espressos, the mail, composing messages, overseeing logbooks, making duplicates and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This part is a passage level position in an office situation, and you’ll ordinarily be made a request to do genuinely basic redundant assignments.

Pros: Relatively simple work, great working hours (9am-5pm), great pay rates.

Cons: Can be very exhausting and repetitive, not a great deal of cooperation with others.

3. Waiter/Waitress at restaurants

The run of the mill understudy work, a waiter/waitress will work in an eatery to guarantee hungry burger joints are left fulfilled. You will be cleaning, serving sustenance and beverages, taking appointments, managing supporters and the sky is the limit from there. A few eateries consider client benefit important, so the preparation and the anxiety required in this profession can fluctuate generally.

Pros: Reasonable pay rates, bunches of time to hone English, constantly occupied and once in a while exhausted.

Cons: Long hours can be tiring, a few cooks are insane, no tipping society in Australia.

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Popular Jobs for International Students in Australia - NepaliPage

4. Helper in Kitchen/Kitchen Hand

A standout amongst the most physically requesting employments, a kitchen hand will wash dishes and do simple nourishment arrangement assignments in an eatery’s kitchen. You are regularly the last to leave the eatery as you will be cleaning pots while the holding up staff wrap-up.

Pros: Reasonable pay rates, time goes rapidly in light of the fact that you’re so occupied, a great work out!

Cons: Long hours can be tiring, not a ton of discussion, can be an unpleasant situation.

5. Bartender

This is the employment for those that appreciate conversing with outsiders, such as making mixed drinks and have a solid hard working attitude. For this employment you should be tolerant of intoxicated individuals, have the capacity to work extended periods of time additionally not consider yourself excessively important, making it impossible to coexist with clients and kindred staff.

Pros: Good pay rates, fun environment, an extraordinary approach to rehearse English.

Cons: Long hours, need to manage smashed individuals, can get extremely exhausting on a moderate night.

6. Call Center Jobs

No other employment will give you this much practice for your English. Your employment is to be on the telephones constantly, either offering something or peopling through client benefit. Numerous global understudies very appreciate this profession, and it’s the Insider Guide’s pick of the parcel!

Pros: Excellent pay, adaptable working conditions, regularly a fun work air, great practice for English.

Cons: You have a similar discussion several times each day, no physical movement.

7. Client request servicing jobs

This occupation was concocted for those that are great with individuals. Your occupation is to manage clients protests, demands, details, issues and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. On the off chance that you accept this position, your occupation will be to be the extension of the organisation and the client, which can be testing additionally very fulfilling.

Pros: Good place to begin on the off chance that you are searching for a superior employment in the association, sensible pay rates.

Cons: Can be unpleasant.

8. Cleaners

This is an occupation for those that wouldn’t fret night shifts, low collaboration with individuals and diligent work. Huge organisations utilise several cleaners and after that appoint them to office pieces to clean every night.

Pros: Not a great deal of correspondence required (on the off chance that you don’t communicate in English well), not excessively entangled.

Cons: This industry has issues with abuse of specialists (so be cautious), regularly need to work during the evening, you don’t get the chance to rehearse English.

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Popular Jobs for International Students in Australia - NepaliPage

9. Assistant Jobs

Your occupation is to welcome visitors, help with authoritative obligations, book flights, get ready meeting rooms and the sky is the limit from there. You are frequently an organisation’s first association with a stroll in visitors, so you should be exceptionally proficient and reliable.

Pros: Good pay rates, amazing hours (9am-5pm), bunches of associations with individuals from the organisation.

Cons: Mundane assignments can be exhausting, can be exceptionally upsetting, hard to oversee work stack as staff individuals continue giving you work.

10. Deals Brokers in Sales Departments

Not an occupation for everyone, Sales Representatives require a high imperviousness to disappointment (you’ll get dismisses a great deal) and an extremely solid hard working attitude. You might be paid a base wage + commission, or you could be paid just on commission (which we don’t prescribe).

Pros: Can procure a high pay in the event that you can bring deals to a close, heaps of connections with individuals make it a decent approach to learn English.

Cons: You get dismisses a great deal, may need to deal with road corners pitching to outsiders, can be paid just on commission (which implies you don’t get paid unless you offer).


Besides working and earning, international students need to know how to manage money in Australia too.

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