Permanent Residency in Canada for Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses are one of the most shouted occupations for skilled migration over the world. In case Canada permanent residency for Registered Nurses is in high demand. Registered Nurses are on The Canadian NOC List and the code is 3012. Registered nurses are eligible to migrate into Canada through the skilled migration process under the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program. Registered nurses can get Permanent Residency in Canada via both streams Federal as well as Provincial Nomination.

Canada plans to grant more than one million permanent residency positions for international migrants by 2023. After Covid-19 Canada has streamlined the permanent residency process for health workers, which will definitely benefit registered nurses throughout the globe to acquire Canadian permanent residency. Demand for registered nurses in Canada has increased in the last couple of years and assumed to have a steady. So registered nurse is on Canada government’s high demand list. 

Permanent Residency in Canada for Registered Nurses - NepaliPage
Different titles for Registered nurses in Canada

For immigration and skill propose Canada has classified nurses in different titles. They are the following:
• Ambulatory care nurse
• Bedside nurse
• Burn patient care nurse
• Burn victim care nurse
• Cardiac surgery nurse
• Cardiology nurse
• Cardiology nurse technician
• Casual duty nurse
• Circulating nurse
• Clinic nurse
• Clinical nurse
• Clinical nurse specialist
• Community health nurse
• Consultant nurse
• Contagious disease transmission prevention nurse
• Coronary intensive care nurse
• Coronary unit nurse
• Critical care nurse
• Dialysis nurse
• Doctor’s office nurse
• Emergency care nurse
• Emergency nurse
• First aid nurse
• Float nurse
• General duty nurse
• General duty nurse – psychiatry
• Geriatric care nurse
• Geriatric nurse
• Gerontology nurse
• Graduate nurse
• Graduate nurse – doctor’s office
• Graduate nurse – occupational health
• Graduate nurse – physician’s office
• Graduate private duty nurse
• Hemodialysis nurse
• Home care neuroscience nurse
• Home care nurse
• Hospital hygiene nurse
• Hospital hygienist – nursing
• Hospital nurse
• Independent practice – registered nurse
• Industrial nurse
• Infection control co-ordinator – hospital
• Infection control nurse
• Infection control officer – hospital
• Infection control officer – medical
• Infection surveillance nurse
• Intensive care nurse
• Intensive care unit (ICU) nurse
• Liaison nurse
• Medical intensive care nurse
• Mental health nurse
• Nephrology and kidney transplantation nurse
• Nephrology and renal transplantation nurse
• Nephrology nurse
• Neuroscience nurse
• Nurse
• Nurse – birthing room
• Nurse consultant
• Nurse counselor
• Nurse researcher
• Nurse technician
• Nursing adviser
• Nursing consultant
• Nursing counselor
• Nursing evaluator
• Nursing researcher
• Nursing researcher – nurse
• Nursing technician
• Obstetrics nurse
• Occupational health nurse
• Occupational health nurse consultant
• Occupational medicine nurse
• Office nurse
• On-call nurse
• Oncology nurse
• Operating room (OR) nurse
• Out-patient clinic nurse
• Outpost nurse
• Outreach nurse
• Palliative care nurse
• Pediatric intensive care nurse
• Pediatric nurse
• Perinatal care nurse
• Physician’s office nurse
• Primary care nurse
• Primary nurse
• Private care nurse
• private duty nurse
• Psychiatric and mental health nurse
• Psychiatric nurse
• Public and community health nurse
• Public health nurse
• Public health nurse consultant
• Recovery room nurse
• Red Cross nurse
• Registered community health nurse
• Registered industrial nurse
• Registered nurse – call center
• Registered nurse – contact center
• Registered nurse – independent practice
• Registered nurse – public and community health
• Registered nurse – telehealth
• Registered nurse (R.N.)
• Registered psychiatric nurse (R.P.N.)
• Registered public health nurse
• Respiratory care nurse
• Respiratory nurse specialist
• School health nurse
• School nurse
• Scrub nurse
• Staff nurse
• Surgical intensive care nurse
• Telehealth registered nurse
• Tele-nurse
• Triage nurse
• Victoria Order nurse
• Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) nurse
• Visiting nurse
• Ward nurse
• Youth center nurse

Which Canadian Province is best for Registered Nurse?

While thinking to migrate into Canada this question pops on mind instantly. Where? Which? The province is the best to find a job and raise a family. Another aspect of life such as lifestyle, weather, and personality development opportunities also plays a crucial role while selecting a particular province in Canada for migration. If you are going to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada as a registered Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta are the best to choose. These provinces can offer more job opportunities as well as a good salary package and you can enjoy a world-class lifestyle.

The income of Registered Nurse in Canada

Registered Nurse is a well-paid job around the world. In Canada, a salary for a registered nurse stands around 80,000 dollars to 110,000 dollars annually. Permanent Residency in Canada for Registered Nurses - NepaliPage

Options for Registered Nurses for Canadian permanent residency

Registered Nurses can choose the following three streams to migrate into Canada for permanent residency. Registered Nurse may get Permanent Residency in Canada a bit quicker than other occupations as it’s in high demand now.

Express Entry: It’s the most popular pathway to Permanent Residency in Canada. Candidates have to register their EOI for permanent migration into Canada, the government body access candidate suitability and skill need a match and invites to apply for permanent residency. This stream is score-based, a higher point scorer would get an invitation first.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): This is state nominated stream, Canadian provinces nominate candidates for permanent residency. To apply thought this candidate have to apply particular province where their occupation is in demand.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot: This program has introduced to support Atlantic Region to attract more skilled immigrants to the region. You can move into Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island through this program. This program is a fast track immigration process to fill skill in these regions through a job offer. If you can secure a job in these regions you would get Canadian permanent residency instantly.

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