#Neverok Campaign. Fight Against Sexual Harassment

Rape or provocation is never OK.

The current ‘Change The Course’ report uncovered a huge extent of Australian students had, in 2016, encountered some type of lewd behavior in a college setting on no less than one event (see: Dealing With Sexual Harassment at Universities). Accordingly, understudy drove battles, for example, Never OK Australia is set for put a conclusion to rape and provocation in Australian colleges.

We investigate the #neverok understudy crusade clearing Australia.


Never OK is an understudy drove, college-wide battle pushing for a conclusion to rape and provocation at colleges over the globe, expressing that “everybody has the privilege to live, study and work in a sheltered and steady condition, and that lewd behavior and attack are Never OK” (Never OK).

Initially started by the University of Exeter in the UK as a littler, neighborhood battle against rape, the Never OK crusade has since expanded to wind up noticeably an intense worldwide understudy development went for focusing on and disposing of rape and badgering in colleges around the world, consistently picking up energy over the globe – incorporating into Australia.

Rape and provocation can influence anybody, paying little heed to age, college, sex character, sexual 0rientation, religion or social foundation.

The Never OK battle expects to teach, bolster and educate understudies about rape and provocation through lifting the perceivability of understudy bolster administrations at colleges and empowering progressing strong, disgrace free discussions perceiving, tending to and testing these issues. Along these lines, the Never OK battle empowers the development of more comprehensive understudy spaces at colleges over the globe – and furthermore ideal here, in Australia.



Assent is critical – truly vital.

In case you’re uncertain about assent, investigate Never OK’s clarification of assent here. By remaining taught and educated, you’ll likewise have the capacity to expose any myths encompassing assent.

Stand up – IT’S #NEVEROK

Rape and provocation may now and then appear to be hard to discuss – however that is precisely the motivation behind why we need the discussion. To break disgrace, we have to discuss rape and badgering – why it’s wrong, why it should be tested and why it’s Never Ok.

By more straightforwardly difficult and approving rape and provocation, you’ll help make more secure, more comprehensive college spaces for all. Keep in mind – there’s never any disgrace in looking for help, or offering help to others in require.

On the web, you can take after and additionally add to the progressing discussion by means of web-based social networking on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter utilizing the hashtag #neverok.

#Neverok Campaign. Fight Against Sexual Harassment - NepaliPage


Understudies at Australian colleges are as of now demonstrating their solidarity and standing firm against inappropriate behavior and attack by marking the Never OK pledge. Understudies are vowing-

  • “To make a move to avert inappropriate behavior, and bolster others to do as such as well.
  • To not endure, support or overlook lewd behavior of any sort about inappropriate behavior and I will challenge inappropriate behavior when conceivable.
  • To instruct myself as well as other people about assent and lewd behavior. What it is, the way it influences individuals to feel and why it’s never OK.” (Never OK)

You also can stand firm against inappropriate behavior and attack in colleges by marking the pledge here.


On the off chance that you or a companion has encountered or areas of now encountering, rape or potentially provocation, don’t get a handle on reluctant to reach to family, companions, advising or bolster systems for direction and support.

For additional data, exhortation and connections to help administrations, see our article on Dealing With Sexual Harassment at Universities.

To discover more data on assent, the pledge, and #neverok, look at the Never OK site.

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